Sunglasses: A Flea Market Best Seller

Apr 10, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Flea markets are a great venue for selling wholesale sunglasses. One thing that most companies prefer to avoid is stockpiles of unused merchandise. Having a well-rounded flea market business helps attract more customers, which ultimately boosts sales.

  1. Sunglasses – Popular year-round, sunglasses are great inexpensive accessories. Generic sunglasses and name brand models sell well in most areas. Research market trends to determine what interests customers, whether it's trendy Wayfarer sunglasses or sport X-Loop sunglasses styles.
  2. T-Shirts – Best selling classics, t-shirts are easily purchased in bulk and can help increase companies' sales volumes. A minimal investment of approximately $500 allows businesses to purchase a heat press and necessary t-shirt making supplies. This allows flea market vendors to offer custom t-shirt designs.
  3. Inexpensive Toys – Water toys are popular among children and are extremely cost-effective to purchase and resell.
  4. Footwear – Running shoes and other athletic footwear are popular choices during warm summertime months.
  5. Baseball Hats – Perfect for shielding eyes and appealing to both men and women, baseball hats can help build ample incomes for budding businesses. Research popular styles and designs before committing to bulk orders.
  6. Personal Electronics – Attractive covers and cases are appealing to electronics' owners. Whether it's an e-reader, personal organizer, cell phone or tablet, covers and cases are a booming market.
  7. Produce – Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs are popular at flea markets and farmers' markets. Since these items are seasonal, these can easily supplement other seasonal merchandise.
  8. Posters – Research what interests local customers and target appropriate posters and prints. This can include classic Hollywood styles, western prints, modern pop stars or even historic area maps.
  9. Jewelry – Costume and handcrafted jewelry are popular year-round. For handmade designs, jewelry makers should focus on mimicking popular trends.
  10. DVDs – Classic movies and used DVDs purchased through reputable wholesalers are also popular at flea markets.

When researching market conditions, visit several nearby flea markets and inquire what items are bestsellers and how long they've been in business.

Olympic Eyewear offers a wide selection of wholesale sunglasses by the dozen. They work with small vendors and big box retailers to customize trendy sunglasses' designs. These cheap sunglasses in bulk are perfect for seasonal retailers that are looking to increase profits and capture customers' attention.

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