Sunglasses Color Tints and Their Functions

Sep 26, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Tinted eyewear came into style a long time ago, but with the variety of options available today, they probably won't be going anywhere soon. Tints serve more than just a decorative purpose, they have been found to have some very specific functions. Here are a selection of tint types and their special functions.

Rose: enhances contrast; increases visibility in low light conditions

Yellow: increases visibility and depth perception; great for cloudy weather

Orange: enhances contrast in low light or cloudy weather

Brown: improves the quality of light and adds depth perception

Blue: reduces glare while increasing contrast

Amber: enhances contrast and offers more vision clarity

Green: minimizes color distortion

Grey: reduce brightness and glare

Polarized: filters glare, deepens perception, offers more vision clarity

Mirrored: reduces glare without interfering with contrast

Tinted lens may improve clarity needed for high-performance activities such as biking or skiing, but the clarity they can offer also have another function, which is to provide comfort from eye fatigue and strain.

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