Sunglasses Accessories

Jun 13, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are designed to protect eyes from harmful sunrays, especially while participating in outdoor activities, such as sports, boating, driving, fishing and even skiing. Sunglasses are available in a variety of finishes and coatings, ranging from mirrored and scratch-resistant to anti-reflective styles. With a wide range of UV protection available, people can choose a level that best meets their personal needs.

There are wide varieties of sunglass accessories to accompany today's modern wholesale sunglasses styles.

  • Neck Straps – Sunglasses neck straps are made of thin material that slip over the ends of each earpiece. This loop-style accessory easily hangs on necks and is available in a wide assortment of sizes and thicknesses, ranging from one-half to one-quarter-inch. This sturdy accessory is perfect for people who play sports or are active. It helps make sure sunglasses remain intact and don't blow away or fall off. These straps come in a wide assortment of colors and styles, making them ideal for all occasions.
  • Belt Case – A sunglass belt care attaches to the belt and allows people to safely secure their sunglasses when not being worn. This helps prevent loss, breakage and unsightly scratches. Instead of perching sunglasses on the forehead, these types of cases usually clip to pockets or belts, as they offer secure attachment.
  • Car Visor Clip – These are perfect for safely storing sunglasses in vehicles. For people that generally only wear sunglasses traveling, these clips are perfect for safe storage. They're also perfect promotional giveaways for sunglasses stores.
  • Microfiber Bag – These slim bags are perfect for protecting sunglasses against dirt, dust and scratches. Not offering protection from breakage, they do help prevent unsightly smudges and make it easy to buff away dirt before wearing.
  • Floating Sunglass Case – These floating sunglasses are perfect for anglers or those who participate in water sports. This makes sure that sunglasses will float if any accidents occur. These are also popular for hunters and sportsmen that participate in hunting or fishing activities near large bodies of water.
  • Cleaning Kit – These convenient kits are ideal for keeping sunglasses in tip-top shape. These kits include microfiber cloths, wipes and cleaning spray. These are ideal for travel or home use.
  • Repair Kit – Sunglasses are easily to repair with miniature screwdrivers and an assortment of tiny screws. These kits also include a magnifying wand, replacement eye pads and glue for temporary repairs. These kits generally contain enough materials for several repairs.

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