Sunglasses Accessories: A Critical Marketing Component

Mar 22, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


As a retailer, you have made the decision to begin carrying the essential fashion accessory: wholesale designer sunglasses.

Consumers purchase sunglasses for a variety of reasons. First, they are one of the most popular fashion statements. Second, outdoor sports enthusiasts consider sunglasses part of their necessary gear. Third, they protect against harmful UV rays and increase vision clarity.

Nearly everyone in a household owns sunglasses. Even parents are purchasing them for their children nowadays! The entire world of sunglass-toting consumers is open to you. Now, you need an effective marketing plan to tackle your bulk sunglasses investment.

Fortunately, Olympic Eyewear has several key marketing pieces that are vital to resale. Never underestimate the importance of displays. Attractive displays with colorful, eye-catching graphic designs that ooze charm and quality catch consumer’s attention. Some displays advertise certain brands, making them popular advertising pieces. For example, Olympic Eyewear offers a DG Eyewear sunglasses stand. This trendy, popular, celebrity-yielding brand is extremely popular with women. As the primary consumer of hip sunglass trends, drawing women to displays is practical, smart, yet critical to your marketing success.

With a variety of countertop and floor displays, Olympic Eyewear covers all your space bases, ensuring that at least one display design will accommodate your floor’s area. Sunglass stands are ideal because they are portable, making them easy to move around so the consumer’s attention can be gripped by the latest styles and trends. What woman can resist trying on a pair of the latest sunglasses? Sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessory and women rarely own only one pair. In addition, stands that hold dozens of styles are perfect for bulk orders, allowing retailers to display a variety of colors, sizes, styles and brands.

Aside from sunglasses being the ultimate fashion-forward accessory, the next crucial piece is the sunglasses’ accessories themselves. Once consumers buy new pairs of sunglasses, their priority is to protect their investments. This is where stylish accessories come into critical play. The latest pair of DG sunglasses deserves a beautiful stylish case. As a retailer, this makes a woman’s friends ooh and awe even more over the latest accessories, and in a world where labels are nearly everything and make or break a product, the long-term investment of an additional piece of marketing will be advantageous to your business. After all, how many women admire a pair of stealthy sunglasses and ask a friend where she found them?

For online retailers, Olympic Eyewear offers professional stock images of brands, styles and colors. This means that your site will not only look professional and have the very latest trendy photographs, but it lends an important credibility to your site. It makes your business scream professionalism, reliability and infers a positive reputation.

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