Sunglasses: A Perfect Gift for Men this Holiday Season

Dec 01, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses make the perfect gift for today's fashionable man. Sunglasses are fun, chic and unlike clothing, no one can ever really buy the wrong size. In fact, sunglasses make the ideal gift for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries or simply as “just because” presents.

The following tips will help ensure that finding the right pair of designer wholesale sunglasses is as easy as 1-2-3.

Facial Shape

Look at a man's facial shape.

Oblong facial shapes do not pair well with teardrop aviators. Opt for chunky rectangles or wrap sunglasses, such as X-Loop sunglasses. Wider frames help balance oblong shapes, adding balance and proportion.

Square facial shapes feature a wide, strong jaw line. Look for sunglasses that feature rounded bottoms, as these add a soft contrast with hard face lines. Softer sunglasses are flattering and appear manly.

For round facial shapes, opt for wholesale designer sunglasses that are rectangle or square, which adds a chiseled appearance. Wider foreheads and narrow jaw lines require shades that are wider at the bottom, which helps balance overall facial features.

Oval facial shapes can generally handle any type of sunglasses, which makes it significantly easier to choose any type or shape of sunglasses.

Consider Lifestyle and Fashion Sense

Men's lifestyles can also help choose the right pair of whole sale sunglasses. Men can fit into several categories and/or types: jeans and t-shirts, suits and ties, athletes or laid back. It is important to consider these lifestyle fashion choices when selecting the right pair of sunglasses for men.


Sunglasses are measured in three different numbers: the width of the lens, width of the bridge and the full width of the frames. These measurements are listed as numbers, such as 55 – 17 – 135. These measurements are taken in mm.

Try taking measurements of men's faces while they are asleep. Measure across the widest part of the face, the width of the bridge of the nose. Then subtract the width of the bridge from the total width of the face and then divide the difference of these numbers by two to obtain the total measurement for a good lens-width ratio for the face.

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