Style Watch: Sunglasses Trends

Aug 28, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion statement. Not only do they protect the eyes' delicate tissues from harmful cancer-causing sunrays, but also they dress up any outfit into one that is destine to turn heads.

Celebrities are a main source of sunglass inspiration. Whether it is Rita Ora, Shakira or Blake Lively, many of these hot actresses are seen sporting the latest mirrored sunglasses trends. The benefit of mirrored styles is that they offer an immediate cover for tired eyes and long nights. They are also perfect for new moms that have been up late bonding with their infants. Mirrored sunglasses look great when paired with summer dresses or even casual tees and shorts.

Browline sunglasses combine trends with comfort. They look excellent when paired with boyfriend jeans and a loose t-shirt. These sunglasses are ideal for outdoor-minded folks that are looking for styles that are more casual.

Cat-Eye styles are the trendy look that is in season year-after-year. They flatter nearly every face shape and come in a rainbow of colors and shapes. This super feminine style can easily be dressed up or down. This year, popular designs include butterflies, flowers, birds and designer ornamental details. White frames are exceptionally popular this season.

Round sunglasses are also popular this summer, as women are looking for bold, oversized accessories. Adding mystery to any look, round shades are gracing fashion runways worldwide. Consider pairing contrasting colors with frames and lenses for a unique, bold look.

Tinted shades are all the rage right now, whether it is pink, blue or yellow. Some celebrities are even experimenting with pastel shades. These types of shades can easily be coordinated with outfits for a distinct mix-and-match look.

Translucent, clear plastic frames are the latest trend in translucent accessories. In fact, many people are dawning bags, jewelry and shoes with this clear design. Bonus: translucent colors go with any outfit! Lenses range in color from grey to brown to green.

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