Stock your Store with Kids Wholesale Sunglasses

May 29, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are such a trend in adult fashion that it can be hard to remember that they are actually recommended by eye doctors for protecting your eyes against sun damage. By the same token, it can be simple to forget that children need this same protection that adults do.

Having a stock of sunglasses for kids in your store will attract attention because while many retail stores tend to feature sunglasses for the convenience of adults, they often do not cater to children. Whether the store is a pharmacy, shoe store, or even a convenience store, kids' sunglasses will catch the eye of customers who are parents, or the eye of children who are out with their family members and guardians.

Olympic Eyewear's kid sunglasses are miniature models of adult fashion trends with options for the kinds of colors and playful patterns that kids love. They are made by DG Sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, Locs Sunglasses, and Choppers Sunglasses.

Retailers can also get kids sunglasses in assorted dozens. This may be an ideal option especially if you are not fussy about specific models, and want to eliminate the task of choosing between models. On the other hand, you may have an idea of exactly what you want and can order sets of one type of model in assorted or un-assorted colors.

So, don't leave the small people out of the sunglasses equation! Include kids' sunglasses into your bulk sunglasses stock. You may be surprised to find that you notice a whole new purchasing trend in your store.

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