Step into Spring with Style! Trends for 2013

Feb 13, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Spring and summer are around the bend, and while you are beginning to plan your activities for the warm weather, sunglasses designers have also been busy gearing up for the fresh new seasons ahead, with sunglass runway shows showcasing some of the hottest samples around town. Spring and Summer 2013 promise to be seasons of great eyewear fun. And best of all you can take advantage of these trends without breaking your pocket. Designer-style wholesale sunglasses are available at Olympic Eyewear.

Here are some trends being seen on the runways:

Round-shaped Sunglasses – An ode to the perfectness of the circle, round shaped frames come in different sizes and colors with lenses tinted in a variety of shades. Round shapes are more distinct than the average sunglasses – they add a touch of distinct personality.

Odd-shaped Sunglasses – Anything but square, these sunglasses are for those who don’t mind stepping out of the box. Sure to catch quick attention, these glasses are bold, don bright colors and have a futuristic quality to them.

Cat-eye Sunglasses – In honor of our feline friends, these sunglasses exemplify grace, elegance, and proud attitude. Cat-eye sunglasses can express dramatic slopes or gentle ones. Wear them in a variety of colors.

Mirror Shades – Not only do mirror shades provide a sense of privacy, they offer a flashy, fashionable look. They come in a variety of shapes, lens tints and frame styles that make these worthy contestants to any other type of shades.

Big or Oversized – The beauty of big or oversized sunglasses is the way they take advantage of contour. Oversized sunglasses can actually come in several shape options – more rounded or more squared – and in a variety of styles and colors.

Patterned Frames – Patterned frames are also hot for this coming season! White with colorful splotches, navy blue with flowers, polkadots, stripes – patterns are in!

Step out into the sun in style this spring and summer. You can find a variety of designer wholesale sunglasses at Olympic Eyewear. We sell our sunglasses in bulk in sets of a dozen each. You will find some of the abovementioned styles among our DG Sunglasses and VG Sunglasses including round shaped frames, big or oversized frames, cat-eye frames, patterned frames and mirror shades.

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