Spring and Summer 2013: Color Trends

Apr 29, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


This spring and summer are expected to be hot, lighting up the runways with a variety of bold hues, cool colors and even warm tones. Popular trends include:

  • Base Colors
    • Women's – Grey, Khaki, Nude and Coppertone
    • Men's – Grey, Straw and Sand
  • Cool Colors
    • Women's – Jade, Green Calcite, Celery Root, Olive, Acid, Lilac, Purple, Sky, Crayon Blue, Electric Blue and Ink
    • Men's – Emerald, Spearmint, Sage, Olive, Limeade, Lilac, Cerulean, Cobalt and Ink
  • Warm Colors
    • Women's Red, Cinnabar, Peony, Gerber Daisy, Rose Quartz, Peach, Red Orange, Persimmon, Creamsicle, Goldenrod, Canary and Lemondrop
    • Men's – Fuchsia, Red, Rust, Orange and Goldenrod

As these hues grace the spring and summer clothing lines, so too will complimentary sunglasses frames, styles and patterns follow suit. For people that strive to pair the latest fashion trends with popular accessories, consider the following spring styles:

  • Metallics – Not limited to simply gold and silver, metallics are being seen on everything and all types of accessories, ranging from precious metals to pastels.
  • Sheer – Sheer clothing is in this spring and for those that may not feel comfortable showing off too much skin, consider adding solid layers with sheer overtop.
  • Boho – The latest trend includes the ever-evolving, carefree bohemian look.
  • Welcome Back 60s – Mod prints, short hemlines, vibrant colors and even bouffant hair are gracing runways worldwide, beckoning fashionistas to get a hot cat and burn some rubber!
  • Black and White – Always iconic, this trend mixes the 1960s with black and white, giving it graphic styles of stripes and checks that are simply bold and daring.
  • Androgynous Fashions – Men's-style suits are now popular for women, with slightly toned down looks that add feminine softness and appeal.
  • Pinafore – Completely innocent and sweet, this classic design has been reinvented to include leather and retro prints.
  • Cut-Aways – Adding windows to clothing to show off a woman's best assets, cut-away clothing can be subtle, bold, refined or daring.
  • Floral Appliqués – These give any outfit an instant 3-D appeal, while adding soft feminine accents to any style.
  • Crop Tops – Back from the 1980s and taking revenge on teenagers and young adults everywhere, are the latest crop top styles.
  • Brushstroke Prints – These are whimsical and add artist flair to any outfit, adding simple paint splashes and brushstrokes to any clothing canvas.

Olympic Eyewear strives to offer the latest designer wholesale sunglasses, allowing trendsetters and fashion lovers to expand their upcoming spring and summer sunglasses collections. Popular brands include DG sunglasses, VG sunglasses and Wayfarer.

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