Sports-Style Sunglasses

Feb 17, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are ideal for protecting baby blues from harmful UV rays, but they can also protect eyes from sporting-related injuries. While this depends on the level and intensity of activities, the types of sports help to determine what form of lenses are most appropriate.

Glass or plastic lenses offer excellent protection for less intense sporting activities, such as tennis, running, or non-high-impact sports. However, high-impact sports, such as snow sports, water sports, football, basketball or even hockey, require polycarbonate lenses with nylon frames, which provide optimal coverage for these extreme conditions. Nearly shatterproof and designed for long-term wear, this style of sunglasses can take a beating and come out unscathed. They are designed to withstand pressure, yet easily conform to face shapes, making them comfortable for all-day wear.

Sunglasses are popular for the following sporting activities:

  • Snow Sports – Offering security, lightness and comfort, sunglasses are the essential protective eyewear for snow sports, including cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding. Providing maximum protection against harmful UV rays, snow reflects and intensifies light. It's best that mirrored, polarized or amber tints are used for these activities, as they help minimize glare and enhance contrast.
  • Water Sports – Lightweight sunglasses are essential for water sports. Requiring enhanced clarity, water sports sunglasses should feature rubber non-slip temples that perform in extreme wind and heat. Wraparound designs also help prevent sunglasses from sliding. Boating and fishing sunglasses are typically designed to feature brown or yellow tinted lenses, which help improve width and contrast perception.
  • Cycling – To help prevent eyes from drying out and to protect them from particles and debris, cyclists offer select oversized wrap-around styles that provide glare protection. Yellow tints are ideal for wet or cloudy conditions, while gray or darker brown tings are perfect for sunny days.
  • Hiking – Requiring outdoor adventurists to often push sunglasses atop their head, sunglasses should be designed with spring-loaded hinges to fit securely in place when pushed back.
  • Running – A year-round sport across the U.S., runners need to purchase sunglasses that offer protection against jostling and constant movement. Non-slip nosepieces and lightweight frames are must-have accessories for running sunglasses.
  • Baseball, Softball and Tennis – Sunglasses for these types of sports should offer budge-proof protection. Silicone nose pads and cable temples will help prevent slippage, even during sweating. High-impact resistant lenses with durable, flexible nylon frames are highly recommended. Also opt for frames that allow air circulation and repeal oil, water and dirt. Tinted sunglasses can help improve depth perception and sharpen contrast.
  • Golf – Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of sunglasses that are designed for golfers, including those with lens tints in brown and amber.

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