Sporting Shades: Sunglasses for Active People

Jul 02, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


In addition to adding a dash of style on the playing field, sports sunglasses serve two important functions – protecting your eyes from too much light while still ensuring visibility, and preventing eye injury.

No matter what sport you are playing, the ability to see well can affect how you function. In especially sunny or bright conditions, sunglasses can help a person filter out too much light while still helping them to keep focus and visibility on other things – the movement of the ball, the movement of other players, or the changing terrain (in skiing, for example). Sports glasses come in specially tinted lens that help to maximize clarity while evening out bright conditions.

Whenever playing sports, caution must be taken to protect your body and prevent injury. Your eyes are one of the most vulnerable areas of your body and according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, most eye injuries could be prevented with the use of protective eye-wear.

Sports eyewear are made with specifications tailored to the needs of the athlete or active person. So fashion sunglasses are not recommended for use in sports because although they may provide adequate UV protection, they are not especially made to resist impact injury. Sports goggles or sunglasses should be constructed of polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is more durable than plastic and provides a much better chance of resisting shattering. Olympic Eyewear's collection of wholesale sunglasses are mostly fitted with polycarbonate lenses.

Recreational activities that occur in water or snow need specific protection against the sharp light that is reflected off the surface of water, or the intense brightness of light on the bright, icy whiteness of the snow. Examples of some of these activities include jet-skiing, surfing, skiing or snowboarding.

Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of sunglasses at wholesale prices for a variety of purposes including recreation and sports. Our collection of ski goggles are offered at wholesale prices in addition to our other bulk sunglasses. Made by Virage Eyewear, our ski goggles have dual antifog lens, multi-layer straps, face foam with fleece layers, and original Revo lenses along with other features.

Our collection of sports sunglasses are good for casual use as well as for light recreational wear. You may choose from a variety of options including sportswrap, plastic, or metal models as well as a variety of designs from X-Loop, Choppers and Biohazard sunglasses brands.

Our versatile collection offers consumers choice while encouraging them to gear up when going outdoors to have a bit (or a lot) of fun.

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