Some Tips for Running a Successful Sunglasses Booth

Sep 23, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Selling designer wholesale sunglasses can be a profitable enterprise; a small sunglasses booth in a mall can be a great but simple way to get your foot in the industry. Sunglasses are always in trend, so if you are a fashion lover and have some business savvy, this may be a way you can make a good buck and supplement your income. After you acquire the appropriate business license you need and locate an ideal spot for the sale of your sunglasses, you'll want to consider a few tips that can help you maximize your sales experience. Here are a few pointers:

Choose a Good Distributor

The best kind of customer is a happy customer – you should strive to offer high quality products that can potentially create customer loyalty or attract more customers. Find a reputable wholesale sunglasses manufacturer that offers strong, durable sunglasses products with industry-standard UV protection. You also need a company that offers professional service and that can help you do your business in the most efficient way possible. Olympic Eyewear has established itself as a leader in wholesale sunglasses distribution and is committed to helping our clients maximize their services and profits.

Work on Presentation

First appearances are everything – in terms of sales, presentation and first impression has a very strong impact on whether or not a potential customer will buy from you. How your booth is organized and decorated is one example of this. Another example is your own professionalism and amicability. A creative, clean, well-organized sunglasses booth coupled with great customer service and courtesy can help reel customers in.

Be Informed

Be an expert on your products. Research and pay attention to fashion trends; know the specifications of each of your sunglasses models. Stock up your knowledge on stylistic tips, and on UV facts. Know what's hot, and make sure you have it in stock. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to handle customers' concerns and questions, which will ultimately impress them and/or make them know your product can be trusted.

Whatever your choices, consider that the best way to make profit is to keep your customers satisfied. Be creative, have fun, and make smart choices as you explore this interesting business niche.

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