Smoking Hot: Men's Sunglass Trends

Jun 28, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


With men's designers embracing the latest color and fashion trends, this season has seen a reinvention in men's sunglass designs.

  • Pink – With more menswear embracing monochrome, white and mustard, designers are pairing light pink lenses with brown sunglasses. This playful color is confident, sexy and fashion-forward. Original and playful, this sexy color pairs well with vintage-style frames.
  • Blue – Work wear inspired pieces include dark denim and white, which lends a clean, classic look. Blue sunglasses are the ultimate way to branch out into sunglasses that are more exotic. Pair bold color block fashions with masculine frames that feature blue lenses. Better yet, opt for blue-on-blue lenses and frames for a classic color coordinated appearance.
  • Gray – Subtle and highly sophisticated, gray is the new beige, showing up in home decors and fashion. Sunglass designers are now incorporating gray into frames, combining retro and classic looks. Pair gray sunglasses with a matte finish for an updated appearance that is contemporary and trendy.
  • Red – Whether it is embracing the high shine of red sunglasses or pairing classic red with gold accents, this vivid color tone elevates any pair of sunglasses. A popular style highlights red Aviator-style sunglasses that feature thin, soft gold nose and earpiece highlights.
  • White – Clean, crisp and delightful, white sunglasses are fashionable and look stunning with suits. Pair white sunglasses with monochromatic fashion details. Opt for a rectangular shape, as this lends a sporty, retro look to sunglasses. Plastic sunglasses are very lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear.

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