Smokin' Hot Shades

Jan 22, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Day or night, sunglasses are the prized accessory of both men and women. Popular since the 1940s Hollywood glamour, current styles date back to the 1960s, which were made popular by Peter Fonda, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. Their distinct sense of style has influenced fashion for the last 50 years.

In 1961, Jackie Kennedy would wear her trademark designer clothes with complimentary oversized sunglasses. Appearing on magazines and newspapers nationwide, America couldn't get enough of her timeless, sophisticated style. The popularity of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" solidified Audrey Hepburn's charismatic sense of style, defining the ever trendy oversized sunglasses. Peter Fonda changed men's styles with his appearance in "Easy Rider," which changed men's styles from square to bug-eye shades. Today, movie stars, rock stars, celebrities and runway models all don the latest sunglasses styles, modeling Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Versace.

Retailers understand the importance of today's Generation X that strives to match sunglasses with their personal sense of style. This means that youngsters strive to match white sunglasses with white attire, blue sunglasses with jeans and so forth. A leading profit maker for retailers, Generation X is placing sunglasses front and center as a must-have accessory.

In fact, many Generation X young adults purchase an average of four pairs of sunglasses annually and place no importance on UV protection. Some kids even use sunglasses as a fashion statement, simply wearing them on their heads. With a disposable generation, many people lose or break their sunglasses.

Studies indicate that the most popular type of sunglasses is value-priced shades that are under $35. Today's mass-produced sunglasses are far better quality than yesteryear's stories. In fact, today's expensive styles even resemble designer brands, but are far less expensive. In fact, most experts agree that sunglasses that cost over $100 aren't necessarily higher quality, but typically just an image with a designer's name.

Affordable sunglasses have saturated the market – popping up in drug stores, gift shops, grocery stores, big box chains and malls. The average price is $10 each, but depending upon the image and style, prices can continue upward.

Olympic Eyewear helps retailers keep track of the latest wholesale sunglasses trends. Highlighting popular best sellers and new arrivals, they offer a variety of brands, including DG sunglasses, X-Loop sunglasses, VG sunglasses, Locs sunglasses and Choppers sunglasses, to name a few. They offer substantial discounts to retailers purchasing wholesale sunglasses by the dozen.

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