Singer Bono Reveals Truth Behind Trademark Sunglasses

Feb 24, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Bono is the well-known lead singer of the Irish rock band, U2. He has also established himself as a humanitarian by creating organizations that help the poor such as DATA and the ONE campaign. Over the years, he has built quite an incredible career for himself and he is best recognized by his trademark sunglasses. In a recent interview, Bono revealed that his distinctive look evolved out of an eye condition, more than as a fashion statement.

In a Rolling Stones interview, the singer disclosed that he has very sensitive blue eyes. Because of the many photographers constantly trying to snap a great photo of him, he began wearing sunglasses wherever he would go. The singer says that each time a flash of light, say from a camera, goes off near him, he sees flashes of light throughout the day unless wearing his sunglasses.

Bono also disclosed that his eyes are very sensitive to allergens and pollution, which leave them irritated and red. A few years ago, he began wearing oversized sunglasses. This style has made a remarkable comeback in recent years that may be attributed in part to singers and actors wearing them in public. Bono says that his 20th anniversary recording entitled “Achtung Baby” will include a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones he wears.

Though you may not be a famous singer, your eyes are very important and they should be protected from bright flashes of light which can cause corneal damage. Numerous diseases and eye conditions can arise from being exposed to high levels of toxins and allergens. Many eye doctors recommend that those who work around chemicals or out in the bright sunlight all day, wear the proper eyewear to protect their eyes.

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