Shopper's Guide: Selecting Sunglasses Based on Shape, Details and Colors

Sep 01, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Wholesale sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion trends – rapidly gaining popularity among men, women and children as must-have accessories.

The shape of bulk sunglasses should add contrast to the face. For example, small frames are preferable for more petite faces, while large frames look best on oversized faces. Avoid selecting sunglasses that overwhelm or underwhelm facial features as this draws attention to negative facial features, instead of more positive bone structures.

Finding the perfect pair of designer wholesale sunglasses can be an arduous and complicated process, one that takes patience and determination. Sunglass shoppers should consider bringing someone with them when selecting sunglasses, as this offers a second opinion, which can be extremely helpful and advantageous.

The color of sunglasses should be selected based on hair and skin colors. Sunglasses in bulk should offer contrast with hair. In general, blonde-haired people look best in black sunglasses, brown-haired people look good in white frames and redheads look stunning in blue or green sunglasses.

Gradient or fading lens look good on women, as they mimic the dark to light transition of eye shadow and eye makeup. These models are also easiest to wear indoors, as they offer more light reflecting abilities and lenses stay bright longer.

Bronze tinted lenses are preferable for days with poor visibility or days marked with visible haze. Gray lenses are best for bright days, which makes them a preferable choice for driving. Polarized lenses offer glare and reflection reductions and come in gray/smoke, bronze or amber tints.

Today's sunglasses design focus on embellishments and details, helping make each pair appear unique and trendy. While oversized sunglasses remain popular, the current trend incorporates decorative temples, which feature sleek, modern wraparound styles.

Sunglasses are an affordable fashion statement that can be mixed and matched with a wide variety of clothing styles. Sunglasses are must-have accessories despite where people live and help protect eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays during the winter, spring, summer and fall months.

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