Selecting Sunglasses

Mar 01, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


There are numerous components for consumers to consider when shopping for sunglasses, including UV protection, visibility, durability and facial shape.

To help consumers select the right style and type of sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear features a helpful purchasing guide.

  • Protection – It's important that people place UV protection first, as this can cause cataracts, cancer and eye burns. Sunglasses should block 95-percent of UVA rays and up to 99-percent of UBV rays.
  • Styles – Available in thousands of sizes and shapes, popular sunglasses styles include the following:
    • Aviators – These teardrop-shaped lenses feature thin metal frames. Originally used by military personnel, pilots and law enforcement, this style looks excellent when paired with oval face shapes.
    • Mirror Shades – Featuring a mirrored surface coating, these are usually available in wraparound and aviator styles.
    • Wayfarers – Among the most popular styles, Wayfarer sunglasses first became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Audrey Hepburn's role as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," turned these sunglasses into stylish icons.
    • Teashades – A classic rocker style worn by Ozzy Osbourne and the late John Lennon, these sunglasses don't effectively block UV glare but are extremely hip and stylish.
    • Wraparounds – Often worn by athletes and adventurist enthusiasts, this style of sunglasses offers maximum protection against the elements and blaring sun.
    • Oversized – Glamorous and often associated with movie stars, oversized sunglasses are must-have fashion accessories.
  • Fit – Sunglasses should be comfortable, not pinching or causing temple discomfort. The weight should be distributed evenly between the nose and ears and eyelashes should never touch the lenses or frames.
  • Lens Colors – Some lens colors are designed to enhance contrast, helping to differentiate colors.
    • Gray – Perfect for reducing light intensity without affecting colors or contrast.
    • Brown – Helping to block some blue light, these are ideal for snow sports or bright hunting conditions.
    • Yellow/Amber – Blocking most blue light, these are excellent for hunters and snow sports.
    • Orange/Red – Good for overcast days on the ski slopes. Orange lenses are excellent for clay target shooting.
    • Violet – Excellent for hunters that use clay targets against green backgrounds.
    • Copper – Helping to mute the grass and sky, these make golf balls easily visible.
    • Green and Blue – These help to highlight the contrast of yellow tennis balls.

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