Selecting Sunglasses Based on Outdoor Activities

Aug 08, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Eyewear and wholesale sunglasses can help boost day-to-day outdoor performance. In fact, lens colors can increase and enhance depth perception while simultaneously reducing glare. The following highlights the differences between lens tints.

  • GreenBulk sunglasses that feature green tints help to evenly transmit colors, which makes them excellent for all-around, general-purpose use. These are one of the best colors for a wide variety of weather conditions, ranging from rain to sun.
  • Brown/Amber – This color helps to increase and improve contrast. It contains a unique red element, which actually helps to enhance depth perception. It is best for sunny conditions, but also useful in party cloudy environments.
  • Yellow – Providing clarity in low-light conditions, including haze and fog, yellow whole sale sunglasses help filter out blue light, which can make it difficult to focus in outdoor environments. Yellow lenses in sunglasses at wholesale are designed for optimal results when skiing, hunting, mountain biking, aviation activities, target shooting and tennis. They are good early in the morning to dusk.
  • Blue, Purple and Double Gradient – These lenses are very fashionable, showing up on red carpets across Hollywood. Additionally, they help reduce glare and improve contours, while simultaneously improving color perception. These are perfect for spectator activities and golf. These lenses are excellent in foggy, misty and snowy conditions, making them ideal for snow bunnies hitting the slopes.
  • Gray – An all time classic, gray wholesale sun glasses are the most common general purpose pair of sunglasses. Offering eyes the benefit of anti-fatigue strain, they offer accurate and true color perception. Gray lenses are still dark, providing necessary overall eye protection, while reducing water glare. Many athletes use gray sunglasses. They are most popular for baseball, football, tennis, soccer, water sports, driving and a variety of other outdoor activities. Gray sunglasses perform well in a variety of weather conditions, including overcast and sunny days.
  • Pink and Red – These colorful and cheerful sunglasses help reduce overall eyestrain. Additionally, they help enhance visual depth, improve road visibility and easily adjust for added contrast. These are often a preferred choice for people that want sunglasses that feel comfortable and enhance their vision. Pink and red lenses are also popular for racing and cycling activities. They work well in a wide range of weather conditions, including snow.

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