Selecting Sunglasses Based on Hair and Eye Colors

Dec 22, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


The right hair and eye color has a big impact on the color of designer wholesale sunglasses people choose. This guide provides helpful advice when selecting sunglasses.

  • Warm Blonde Undertones – Blonde with warm undertones has honey and bronze highlights and is slightly darker. The best wholesale sunglasses for warm blonde-haired people include hemlock, peach and tortoise shades.
  • Cool Blonde Undertones – Cool blonde undertones have ashy highlights and lean more towards the platinum end of the blonde spectrum. This hair color looks best with black, dark tortoise, blue and pink. It is best to avoid gold or strong yellow undertones, which wash out cool colors.
  • Brown with Cool Undertones – Cool brunettes are a lighter shade with ash undertones. Opt for pink, black, dark tortoise or blue.
  • Brown with Warm Undertones – Warm brown hair color has red and auburn highlights. This looks best with hemlock, bourbon, reds, warm greens and creamy off-whites.
  • Red Hair – This hair color looks excellent with black, rich tortoise, warm neutrals, creams and green. Avoid yellowy tones and ash colors.
  • Black Hair – Black hair looks superb with black wholesale sun glasses, dark tortoise, sea blue, cool blues, olive tortoise, cranberry and malt. Avoid ashy or diluted tones.
  • Grey and White Hair – Gray hair looks amazing with bright colors, such as black, cherry and cadet. Avoid brown or yellow tones.

Eye color is also important when selecting designer sunglasses wholesale. Eye color can have a subtle or dramatic influence on sunglasses. Selecting bulk sunglasses can reinforce natural eye color palettes or even create more depth. Contrasting colors add a more dramatic appearance that makes eyes naturally pop with color.

  • Green Eyes – This color pairs well with earthy brown and gold tones, including opal and purple tones.
  • Blue Eyes – Coordinate with blue and grey colors, such as cadet, dusk or mineral. For more contrast, consider rich browns and tortoise.
  • Hazel Eyes – Opt for deep greens and grays. To bring out gold flecks in hazel eyes, try brindle or amber tones.
  • Brown Eyes – Brown pairs well with warm tones, such as olive greens and sepia.

Olympic Eyewear sells thousands of sunglasses at discount wholesale prices. Retailers can purchase a wide selection that appeals to consumers with all hair and eye colors, making it easy for men and women to shop for sunglasses that coordinate with their facial features.

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