Selecting Sunglasses in Bulk Lens Colors

Jul 30, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


The most popular color for wholesale sunglasses lenses are dark grey and smoke. Generally, this color is good for all-day use and helps reduce ultraviolet light, making it easy to see. Comfortable and trendy, this common lens color does not distort other natural colors. In fact, most eye doctors recommend this color of lenses. The U.S. military has been using this color of lenses for more than 45 years.

The following highlights various popular wholesale designer sunglasses tints.

  • Smoke, Gray and Gray-Green – This popular tone helps evenly transmit colors, without impairing vision. These tones are perfect for sunny days, which makes them excellent for water sports. These lenses are good for baseball, football, soccer and other outdoor activities, including beach vacations, boating and sailing, golf, bright hunting conditions, skiing or snowmobiling or tennis on sunny days.
  • Dark Amber or Brown – Offering slightly brighter vision than the aforementioned gray lenses, these colors are superb at blocking blue light and diffusing cloudy days. These colors are best at improving both depth perception and contrast and reducing glare. These are the preferred choice for people that live in inclement climates and experience both sunny and overcast weather. This color is also excellent for skiing, golf or tennis, as these sports rely on contrast differentiation and acute visual perception. Brown lenses are superb for low-light situations, such as early morning or late afternoon angling trips. Brown tints help enhance green contrasts, which makes them excellent for outdoor sporting activities. These lenses are ideal for baseball, football, soccer, outdoor action sports, boating and sailing, fishing in sunny conditions, golf on cloudy days, racquetball or tennis on cloudy days or indoors.
  • Yellow – This hue helps to reduce glare, improves contrast and preserves sharpness and acuity. Yellow is best for low-light conditions, including night driving, haze, fog and overcast weather. The bright yellow lens helps make it a favorite among shooters, mountain bikers and cross-country skiers. Additionally, pilots, hunters and tennis players also prefer yellow bulk sunglasses.
  • Rose – This unique hue helps to reduce and block blue light, which helps improve contrast and vision. It is soothing on the eyes and helps improve road visibility during poor driving conditions. This color is also superb for helping reduce computer eyestrain and unsightly glare.
  • Blue – Endorsed by tennis professionals, blue lenses offer exceptional contrast and help reduce visible white light, which commonly reflect off fog, mist, water and snow.
  • Mirrored – These help block glare without altering or changing color perceptions.

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