Running Sunglasses: A Guide to Your Next Jog

Apr 08, 2016 Olympic Eyewear


Summary: When you are buying running sunglasses wholesale to resell to your customers are you in touch with the latest trends, colors and needs of your potential customers? Do you know what your customers really want in running sunglasses they buy from you? Do you know not only the style but the health reasons they should buy running sunglasses from you?  A good wholesale sunglasses company can help you keep up with what your customers truly want and need.


Steve Casimiro of Adventure Journal writes that for running and mountain biking anti-fog sunglasses are something retailers should consider offering to their buyers.

"Sorry, Oakley, but after about five minutes your lenses looked like a bathroom mirror during a hot shower on a cold winter morning. The Ryders, though, stayed clear and condensation free, thanks to their anti-fog coating on the back of the lenses, even after 20 minutes of hard uphill pedaling," Casimo writes in his review.

Here are 6 great sunglasses for runners  from the experts over at When you are thinking about buying wholesale sunglasses to resell at retail to your customers, remember they may be checking out sites like these for the latest trends and recommendations. Experts on these sites talk about the latest hot styles for running and lifestyle flair from unisex to girls-only to frames for larger faces.

Competitor Group offers great information for runners and their editors offer gear reviews regularly including running sunglasses. Review their guide to running sunglasses of various prices that may help you as a retailer decide what is trending this year and what you need to buy from your wholesale sunglasses company.'s editor's choice for running sunglasses were a lightweight, flexible, self-adjusting frame that conforms to your face, and offers great ventilation that reduces fogging.

Video from National Geographic on adventure running with sunglasses.


Ask your customers this when they are heading out the door for their next run:

"When you do that mental checklist thing in your head – did you remember to grab keys, music and headphones, maybe a hat but did you think about running sunglasses?"

See how your customers respond and remind them that sunglasses and good health go together.

It is not just the bright summertime sun that puts your customers who do not wear sunglasses at risk from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Every day, whether it's sunny or cloudy, spring or winter, UV rays can damage eyes in profound ways, making protective eyewear, such as sunglasses, all the more important, according to a report from The Vision Council called, "Protection for the Naked Eye: Sunglasses as a Health Necessity."

runners at starting line

"People often associate too much sunlight exposure with sunburns, wrinkles and skin cancer. Yet, many don't realize this same radiation is also damaging our ocular health until it's too late," Justin Bazen, OD, and medical advisor to The Vision Council, said in the report.

"In my practice, I ask patients about their exposure to the sun and sunglass-wearing habits growing up and they often admit to spending a large portion of their youth outdoors without proper UV eye protection. Because UV damage is cumulative and not necessarily visible, protecting our eyes is often 'out of sight and out of mind.' Millennials in particular, who have already been exposed to at least a quarter of their lifetime UV exposure, are least likely to protect their eyes and are more likely to think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory rather than an important health precaution," Dr. Bazen said.


Your customers are often running to protect their health so be sure they know what they need to do to protect the health of their eyes with running sunglasses.

While almost 75 percent of people driving a car may wear sunglasses, only 33 percent of runners typically think sunglasses are important.

But they are a necessity whether the day is sunny or cloudy or any time of the year regardless of the season as the sun angle plays a critical role in potential damage to the eyes.


When you are buying running sunglasses from a wholesaler for your customers, be sure you know as much as you can about the research that is out there. Customers do a lot of their own research online and with search engines so you need to assume they have done that research before they are ready to buy from you.

So to keep your credibility and keep your customers informed and safe be sure you know what the American Cancer Society says about UV-blocking sunglasses.

"The ideal sunglasses should block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays," the American Cancer Society says in their report.

"Before you buy, check the label to make sure they do. Labels that say "UV absorption up to 400 nm" or "Meets ANSI UV Requirements" mean the glasses block at least 99% of UV rays.

"Those labeled "cosmetic" block about 70% of UV rays. If there is no label, don't assume the sunglasses provide any UV protection, according to the American Cancer Society.


Fogging, sweat, bouncing and just plain uncomfortable feeling sunglasses can ruin a great run.

Guys want different kinds of sunglasses of course, so review different styles from wholesalers to find the right fit for your customers.

athlete man running in sunglasses

Yes you want polarized lenses for your customers as well as lightweight sunglasses, but style is also a good thing to have.

Here is another resource and guide to what men want in running sunglasses.


Do you know what women are looking for in running sunglasses? Are you buying from your wholesaler the right running sunglasses for your female customers?

Do some research on current trends for women and running sunglasses by looking at styles that have that retro style or oversize style while still being great for running.

woman running in sunglasses

The running sunglasses must be lightweight, and especially important they must stay put when sweating. In addition lenses need to be polarized to cut down on glare.

It is important to pick the right style of sunglasses from your wholesaler for your women customers. They will be comfortable with the styling if that means they do not have to change sunglasses if they head off after a run to meet with friends who are not runners.


Runners are frequently out early in the day, sometimes before sunrise or as the sun is just coming up.  Lenses that are light enough for the dark, then darken when the sun comes on bright may be something to consider for your customers.

Same issue for those runners later in the evening when they may go from bright sun to a setting sun. Lenses that can protect your customer's eyes and still adapt to changing light conditions may be something to consider.


  • Get in touch with your customers by focusing your list of potential products on ones that you actually use if you are a runner or have friends who are runners.
  • Do your research and price comparisons, looking at wholesale sunglasses sites.
  • Research which products will give you the most return for your investment.
  • Some sunglasses can be purchased wholesale for as little as $8 per dozen. On average they are sold retail for $6.95-$14.95 per pair.
  • Polarized sunglasses usually retail for $19.95-$24.95 per pair.
  • Sunglasses have good profit margins and can be a good product for your business.
  • Remember to do your research as you will have to decide which running sunglasses best suit the audience you will be targeting.


sunglasses store display rack

  • Runners, endurance athletes and outdoors enthusiasts who are constantly exposed to UV are especially susceptible to eye damage, according to The Vision Council.
  • Someone who plays a sport or cycles might want to use a different pair of shades during their daily activities for both comfort and safety. So remember this when buying wholesale sunglasses.
  • Select a lens color that improves clarity and reduces glare. Different colors and tints work in different ways.
  • Pick a design that works best for your customers. Wraparound running sunglasses or sunglasses with larger temple pieces help block the sun from side angles.


Running sunglasses are a necessity for runners who spend more time exposed to dangerous ultraviolet rays that most of the population.

Runners want sunglasses that will not fog. They want sunglasses that will not slip. And, they want sunglasses that are comfortable and in style.

So you want to choose a sunglasses wholesaler who will provide what you need for your customers.

Sure style and price is important, but when buying from your wholesaler be sure you are aware of the latest trends.

But, also be up to speed on the latest health information to provide your customers the right running sunglasses and keep them as healthy, long-term and repeat customers.

Here is a video to consider on sunglasses safety


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