Retailers Pass Savings on to Customers with Wholesale Sunglasses

Nov 15, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


While the Italian firm, Luxottica, owns and controls a significant portion of the sunglasses market, retailers can still provide affordable, high-quality wholesale sunglasses products to customers.

Luxottica, the mega eyewear giant, actually owns the Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision and LensCrafters. High end, expensive designer sunglasses include Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Chanel, Tiffany, Bulgari, Versace, Prada and Dolce Gabbana. But, can the average person afford to pay these exorbitant prices for casual whole sale sunglasses?

When retailers and consumers are looking into what types of brand name sunglasses to carry and purchase, it is important to look at the market. There is no way to beat Luxottica, but since their prices are higher, it is possible to purchase designer wholesale sunglasses for relatively less money, helping save retailers on overhead inventories and provide customers' with greater money-saving peace of mind.

Olympic Eyewear highlights some questions to consider when choosing top-notch designer sunglasses.

  • How much is fashion really worth? Unless a customer is purchasing prescription sunglasses, there is relatively little to no difference between sunglass lenses. The most common differences may be glare reduction with polarized lenses, which are optimized for sports performance. The significant different between high-end sunglasses and designer wholesale sunglasses is simply the price. Other than that, most people cannot tell the difference.
  • Discount Outlets – Discount outlets are an excellent area for sunglass kiosks or retailers that sell discount merchandise. Customer bases include people that are looking for bargains and do not want to spend $500 on a pair of authentic designer sunglasses, when they can buy nearly the same product for $30. Discount outlets are also great for selling and advertising specials on last year's sunglass models, colors and designs. After all, most discount outlets specialize in selling quality merchandise that simply is not quite the latest “in” shade.
  • Eyeglass Dealers – Another great place for retailers to begin their wholesale sunglass retail endeavors is in eyeglass stores. In fact, some online sunglass venues specialize in selling sunglasses directly to customers and wholesale marketers may want to consider exploring joint business ventures.

Whatever designer brand or price retailers are looking for, they should explore the massive, affordable inventory at Olympic Eyewear. As an additional bonus, Olympic Eyewear gives bonuses for bulk orders, helping retailers save even more money.

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