Retailers: Organizing Sunglasses

May 10, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


First impressions are everything when selling accessories, including sunglasses. Many retailers find that organization is key when making a profit. A well-organized display can easily outsell one that is unorganized, as it is proven that consumers are more likely to purchase from a store that highlights organization and cleanliness.

Instead of simply purchasing a display unit, retailers need to have an understanding of countertop spinning displays and permanent backlit units. Sunglasses displays especially rely on proper organization, highlighting styles to draw people in and make them try sunglasses on. Professional displays make an excellent first impression on customers, dramatically helping increase sales.

Sunglasses should be grouped and organized by children's, women's and men's styles. Simply put, to make a sunglasses display productive, the items must be grouped properly. Understanding customer demographics is also necessary. If older people are the predominant customer base, then products should be geared towards them and placed carefully at eye level to make sure sunglasses catch their eyes.

Most consumers shop for sunglasses with an idea of what they would like to spend and a general style. Styles should be a subgroup by gender. For example, designer sunglasses should be grouped together, with DG sunglasses and VG sunglasses organized separately. Instead of letting displays look like an afterthought, having a well-organized display with sunglasses tells customers that a retailer is knowledgeable and fully engaged with the product. Rotating stock regularly, often every few weeks, is highly recommended. This does not need to be overly involved and can simply include reversing the inventory order to catch passerby's attention.

Sunglasses should be placed in the front of a store and always at eye level. If a store has a good selling model, they should consider placing those directly an eye level to make sure that customers view those first. However, if a store has a model that hasn't been selling well, they may want to consider moving their location, as it may just be a matter of catching potential customers' wandering eyes to make a particular style sell.

Having a display that appears attractive and clean is critical to successful selling techniques. Customers need to be able to find items quickly and easily, as this entices them to shop and stay in the store. Having a well organized inventory also allows businesses to easily see what styles and models are rapidly selling, what their inventory looks like, when they need to place additional inventory orders, etc.

Olympic Eyewear, a wholesale sunglasses company, understands the importance of selling the latest trendy sunglasses, helping comb through thousands of models and selecting the most popular varieties. This helps take the guess work out of the selection process and allows retailers to focus on what they do best – selling.

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