Retailers Benefit from Offering Sunglass Accessories

Jan 13, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Retailers go through the trouble of offering sunglasses to consumers, so why not go one step further and appeal to consumers' sense of style and offer accessories? Consumers spend money on sunglasses so it makes sense they want to protect their investments. Instead of sending consumers out the door to another store for accessories, retailer should consider providing an assortment of sunglasses' accessories side-by-side current sunglasses models.

In today's tough retail market, it's important that retailers keep and retain consumers. In fact, statistics show that consumers will purchase accessories from the same retailer, as there is an innate fear if they go elsewhere, the item may not be in stock. This means that retailers can actually charge slightly more for accessories, making accessories even more profitable.

In fact, some studies even show that accessories can be more important than the product consumers are purchasing. Coordinating sunglasses accessories are always in demand, meaning that consumers want to purchase an entire accessorized set – sunglasses, case, visor clip, cleaning cloth or pouch.

Sunglass accessories help retailers further expand their product ranges. In fact, retailers can even offer specials that include giving consumers complimentary cases with purchases. In fact, because accessories are expensive in retail outlets, these are perfect for giveaway promotions, helping draw people into stores. After all, consumers love getting something for free.

Gifts with purchases are cost-effective and make consumers feel good about their purchases, helping ensure they will return in the future. When retailers buy sunglasses in bulk, they are better able to implement a cost-effective gift with purchase marketing campaign. Tips for a successful gift with purchase campaign includes:

  • Relevancy – Items should coordinate, meaning they should be items that consumers associate with brands. For example, if consumers purchase DG sunglasses, consider giving them complimentary DG sunglasses cases, or if consumers purchase Locs sunglasses, throw in a Locs sunglasses case.
  • Small Items – It's an excellent idea to store freebie items near the register, which means they should be easy to store and not so big it overwhelms customers. By having sunglass cases near the register, cashiers can easily store consumers' purchases inside before packaging their goods.
  • Offer – The freebie offer needs to be written clearly. For example, "Buy one pair of sunglasses, get a sunglasses case for free!" This leaves little room for consumers to inquire what the offer entails. If there is a maximum, this should be included. For example, "Maximum of one free gift per customer." Timeframes should also be included on all printed materials, as this creates a sense of urgency, letting consumers know the offer is good for a limited time.
  • Promotions – To achieve a successful retail campaign, retailers need to promote their sales. Consider making flyers and posters, sending emails to clients, adding events to social media sites, adding sales to company websites and even blogging about promotions.
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