Reading Glasses: One Way to Increase Sales

Aug 12, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


If you are an eyeglass retailer, another way you can try to increase sales is to offer reading glasses for sale. Reading glasses have come to represent the staple of a modern fix-all-handicaps culture. They are commonly prescribed and everyone uses them.

The first pairs of reading glasses were created to help elders read in Italy in the 13th century. The original reading glasses invention was a handle-less version that proved problematic until a British optician by the name of Edward Scarlett got the idea to make hard handles that would rest atop the ears. If it were not for him, with may still be trying to tie the lenses to our faces – so uncool.

The term "eyeglasses," in fact once referred distinctly to the original version (without handles), while the term "spectacles" was reserved for reference to glasses with handles. Today the terms are obviously interchangeable.

Reading glasses have become so popular that you will find them in almost any drugstore you walk into. They also tend to be available in many department stores, cosmetic stores, or drugstores, considered to be among the inventory of daily necessities.

Along with Olympic Eyewear's bulk sunglasses, you can order sets of reading glasses by the dozen. They range in power from +1.25 to +3.00 with increments of +0.25. They come in models by DG Sunglasses, and vary in color and patterns so that your customers may select pairs to match mood or taste. Many people also like to have several pairs of reading glasses, in case a pair gets damaged or lost. They may keep them in several different places for ease of access and for making sure there is always one on hand – one in the car, another in their pocketbook, and maybe another in the study.

Reading glasses are so widely used, and are now considered such basic necessities that you would almost most certainly benefit from including them among the eye products you offer.

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