Quick Guide for Selecting Lens Color

Jun 23, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


People tend to buy sunglasses with different color tints to suit their fashion sense, style, or outfits, but did you know that the color of your sunglass lenses could be selected for particular environments or activities?

The color of your sunglass lens can affect visibility, how much light comes into your eyes, contrasts in the environment and color distortion. You can get sunglasses in bulk with a variety of lens colors ranging from brown to green to blue. This might be something worth thinking about when you are making an order with Olympic Eyewear. Here is a quick guide to lens color.

Red/Brown/Gray/Green – Red, brown, gray, and green-colored lenses are said to be "color-neutral" which essentially means they do not distort the colors in your view. They do however reduce glare and brightness that tend to cause eyestrain. Each of these colors offers variable performance.

Turquoise – Turquoise lenses can provide contrast in intense light conditions and do not cause a lot of color distortion.

Orange/Yellow/Gold/Amber – orange, yellow, gold, or amber lenses tend to provide great depth perception and perform best in medium light conditions. They also help to enhance contrasts. For these reasons, lenses of these colors are useful for pilots, hunters, fishers, boaters, skiers, and snowboarders.

Rose/Vermilion – rose and vermilion-colored lenses enhance brightness, so are actually very useful in conditions where lighting is poor. So, for example, they can be great for skiing and snowboarding when the weather is grey and there is low-visibility. They are also particularly useful for sharpening the images of objects against largely blue or green backdrops, such as the sky, seawater, or a forest. They are additionally great for driving.

From Olympic Eyewear, you can select from a variety of bulk sunglasses with several designer selections from Choppers Sunglasses to X-Loop Sunglasses offered with different-colored lenses and frames.

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