Popular Wholesale Sunglasses Styles

Dec 10, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


To prepare for the holidays, it is important that both men and women receive a brief introduction to the most popular bulk sunglasses for men and women this season.

  • Aviator – These time-honored aviator sunglasses feature a dark metal frame and have either smoke-style or reflective lenses. The large lenses reflect a design to block the sun from multiple angles, which originally helped give pilots an advantageous edge when flying into the blue yonder.
  • Cat Eye – Rising to popularity with old Hollywood stars, such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, these feminine sunglasses are adored by retro artists, making them the ideal sunglasses for women.
  • Clubmaster Style – Commonly referred to as browline sunglasses, these designs feature a thick browline, which was preferred by KFC's Colonel Sanders.
  • WayfarerBulk sunglasses Wayfarer feature box-style frames and are available in a wide variety of colors and prints, making them ideal for sunglasses for both men and women. This nerdy style looks superb with any facial shape or size.
  • Oversized – Featuring large frames and lenses, these sunglasses are designed to make a definite head turning statement. Available in several prints, styles and tints, these sunglasses are ideal for women that simply want to cover their eyes after a few long days.
  • Round – Far from the spectacles of centuries ago, today's round glasses mimic the modern styles of John Lennon. Round sunglasses in bulk can be large, thick, skinny, plastic or metal, making them extremely diverse.
  • Sport – Sports styles define athletes' looks, as they feature thin lenses that highlight tapered sides. Many of these styles are available with polarized lenses.
  • Shield – Shield sunglasses vary with round, thin metal designs to thick, plastic boxy styles. These sunglasses are bound to draw attention despite any location or event.
  • Novelty – Wacky, tacky and unique, these sunglasses are designed for special occasions, such as graduation, New Year's Eve parties, Halloween, Christmas parties, novelty parties and any other fun, exciting holiday events.

Whether it is preparing for holiday gift exchanges or ordering New Year's Eve souvenirs, there is no time like the present for retailers to place their bulk orders with Olympic Eyewear.

Additionally, stores can pass on before and after holiday savings to customers since Olympic Eyewear's prices are affordable and very inexpensive. Any unsold merchandise can easily be saved for next year's holidays or sold online at deeply discounted prices.

The holidays are a special time of year where friends and families gather to celebrate the past year's achievements, negative memories, positive memories and promise to make the most of the upcoming year.

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