Popular Colors for Summer 2014

Jul 06, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


This upcoming summer is sure to impress even the most sophisticated fashionistas. This summer's trends are bright, colorful and classic, which makes them pleasing to the senses.

  • Black and White – Dominating the runway, black and white are easy to wear and effortlessly go from day to night. Consider opting for classic DG sunglasses in black, which add a mysterious, chic appearance to any outfit.
  • Icy Pastels – This season is breathing new life into pastels, turning them from candy tones into shimmery designs that feature shiny satin. With a fresh look, these colors look sensational paired with a variety of skin tones. Choose muted blush, blue, violet or mint for the latest trends.
  • White-on-White – Chic and ever classic, the tried and true white-on-white style looks clean, sophisticated and shows off healthy faux summer tans. Pair this style with an oversize pair of VG sunglasses in dark black or rich chocolate for instant pizzazz.
  • Pink – Far from bubblegum or hot pink, this soft spring accent is edgy, with hints of athletic, feminine style. Far from head-to-toe drenching, subtle pops of pink add wily charm to any outfit.  Pair with a classic butterfly style of wholesale sunglasses for a complete all-around look.
  • Metallic – Thanks in part to the great success of "The Great Gatsby," 1920s flapper-era styles combine with metallic prints, which are dominating runways. Gold, champagne, silver and textured designs look sensational with edgy cat eye styles.

Lively colors this spring and summer include warm, cool and neutral tones, such as those listed below.

  • Warm Women's Tones – This season is seeing a return to bold colors, such as golden yellow, canary yellow, watermelon pink, bright fuchsia, red cherry, red orange, tangerine, crimson and garnet.
  • Cool Women's Tones – Cool tones include lemon lime, lime, aquafresh, emerald green, olive, navy, electric blue and bright cerulean blue.
  • Neutral Women's Tones – This season embraces khaki, honey, cocoa, rust, dove gray, gray and ivory.
  • Soft Women's Tones – For a more romantic vibe, the following offer soft tone appeal: buttercream, sorbet, powder, peachy nude, peach, carnation pink, lavender, seaform, pale blue and green calcite.
  • Warm Men's Tones – Men's colors are going big and bold, highlighting yellow, retro gold, tangelo, red, cerise and gerber daisy.
  • Cool Men's Tones – Dominating cool tone colors include ink, slate blue, electric blue, cyan and mint.
  • Neutral Men's Tones – Popular neutral tones this season include nutella, barley, ivory, olive and gray.

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