Polarized Sunglasses for Anglers

Sep 14, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Polarized sunglasses are amazing performers against sun glare, and every avid angler or boater knows the importance of combatting glare on the open water. First made for pilots in the 1930s, polarized sunglasses easily became a favorite of fishermen over the years.

When the high sun beats down onto the surface of the water, many times it sends rays ricocheting off the surface at a polarized angle, which when registered by the eyes of someone in a boat surrounded by all of that water, is perceived as glare. Polarized lenses are fitted in various ways with filters that absorb polarized light, leaving the viewer's vision clear and unobstructed.

Glare can be temporarily blinding, damaging to the eye, and for a fisherman, a nuisance. Glare from the water prevents anglers from seeing below the surface as best as they could. Clear sight into the depths of the water can tell a fisherman a lot about his options. In the water beneath him, he may be able to see fish moving and make decisions based on what he has observed. Other things a fisherman may want to see are the changes in water depth or underwater structures such as logs, vegetation, and big rocks. The glare that bounces off the mirror-like water can also cause eyestrain and fatigue.

By reducing glare, polarized sunglasses can give an angler or boater greater depth perception, as well as create safer conditions for his eyes, thereby making the overall angling experience that much more pleasant.

Olympic Eyewear distributes polarized sunglasses at wholesale prices. Each set of bulk sunglasses can be purchased in a single color or assorted colors, and in some cases assorted lens color, typically black, grey, or brown. They are several brands to choose from including X-Loop Sunglasses, Nitrogen Sunglasses and Biohazard Sunglasses.

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