Pantone(R) Colors for Wholesale Designer Sunglasses

Jul 21, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear stays up-to-date on the latest stylish bulk sunglasses and fashion trends. Sunglasses compliment this season's Pantone® 2015 colors. When fashion retailers highlight the latest fashion trends, remember to compliment outfits with this season's latest wholesale designer sunglasses designs. Ensembles are far easier to sell as a package deal than individually.

  • Pantone Aquamarine – Cool and calming, this watery tone is zen-like, restful and acts as a stress reducer. It pairs exceptionally well with Glacier Gray and Marsala. Check out these Wayfarer sunglasses in teal.
  • Pantone Scuba Blue – This invigorating hue of turquoise adds a vibrant splash to any outfit. It offers a hint of tropical beauty, while capturing the allure of an exotic paradise. This color blends beautifully with Classic Blue or Beveled Glass.
  • Pantone Beveled Glass – This soothing shade of mint green is cool and refreshing, boasting a minty glow. Light in tone and color, this shade looks stunning paired with Scuba Blue and Classic Blue.
  • Pantone Classic Blue – Exuding calming confidence, blue is a classic reliable and strong color that stands the test of time. Due to its waterborne color, it is perceived as introspective and thoughtful. This color pairs well with Sandstone and Marsala.
  • Pantone Toasted Almond – Toasted Almond is the ultimate sun-tanned neutral. Offering comfortable warmth, it pairs well with Lavender Herb and timeless rectangular or Aviator sunglasses.
  • Pantone Strawberry Ice – Cooling and refreshing, this warm tone is charming and subtle, emitting the ultimate flattering healthy glow. It pairs well with Tangerine and Toasted Almond.
  • Pantone Tangerine – This spontaneous shade of orange is energizing, yet not blinding. It adds vitality to printed patterns and adds a fun-loving edge to any outfit. This pairs well with Toasted Almond and Strawberry Ice.
  • Pantone Custard – Sunny and cheerful, this relaxing tone pairs well with Classic Blue.
  • Pantone Marsala – Sensual, yet bold, this daring color exudes confidence and features a bold wine tone. This hue pairs well with Sandstone and Classic Blue.
  • Pantone Glacier Gray – A dominant unobtrusive color that is turning up on women's clothing, purses, accessories and shoes, this perfect neutral is timeless. It pairs well with Treetop and Dusk Blue.
  • Pantone Dusk Blue – A perennial favorite for men, this faithful and dependable color is calming. Pair with Glacier Gray or Treetop for sensational accent colors.
  • Pantone Treetop – A natural, fertile green tone, this color is harmonious with natural and helps promote relaxation. Designers recommend pairing this color with Dusk Blue or Glacier Gray.
  • Pantone Woodbine – A tropical yellow-green, this color mimics palm leaves. Pair with Titanium or Lavender Herb for maximum effect.
  • Pantone Sandstone – Stable and grounded, this woodsy color has a warming appearance that is simple, yet memorable. This color looks beautiful with Classic Blue or Marsala.
  • Pantone Titanium – This timeless shade of gray is practical and durable. For a classy appearance, pair with Woodbine or Lavender Herb.
  • Pantone Lavender Herb – A rich shade that can be worn alone or with Toasted Almond; this classy color adds a hint of brightness to any outfit.
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