Pairing Sunglasses with Hair and Eye Colors

Aug 24, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


It is important to mix and match wholesale sunglasses with hair and eye colors, as this guarantees that people will look hip, trendy and most importantly stunning.

  • Brown Hair – Brown hair pairs well with blue, black or pink frames, especially with people that have dark hair undertones. For those with lighter undertones, the aforementioned look stunning, but purple can also be a solid, eye-catching choice.
  • Blond Hair – This light hair color looks best with green, coral and various shades of red. Blond hair with cooler undertones looks sharp with blue, black, pink or gold bulk sunglasses frames.
  • Red Hair – Warm neutrals, including cream and black, are the best color choice for red hair. Green is also a trendy look.
  • Black Hair – This dark tone blends well with saturated colors, such as black and blue, but doesn't look good with ash-tones, as it can easily make skin tones appear washed out and pale.
  • Gray or White Hair – Bright colors, such as burgundy, bright red, light blue and navy pair well with these light hair colors. These hair tones should avoid brown or yellow sunglasses.

When choosing designer wholesale sunglasses, it is also important to consider eye color, especially if lenses feature gradient tones.

  • Hazel – Hazel eyes look best with gold, brown and green frame tones.
  • Brown – Blend same-tone sunglasses with brown eyes, which features mahogany and rich bourbon tones.
  • Green – Green eyes look eye-catching and dramatic with pink, brown or gold.
  • Blue – Blue eyes look spectacular with gray and blue tones or saturated brown hues.

When wearing colored lenses, opt for ones that compliment both hair and eye color, as this gives designer sunglasses wholesale an edgy, professional appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Wholesale sunglasses by the dozen come in a variety of colors. Sunglass colors are also based on skin tones.

  • Cool Tones – Cool skin tones look good in soft pastel frames, such as pink or white. Black metal frames or tortoiseshell frames pair well with fair complexions.
  • Warm Tones – Warm skin tones include dark or olive-tone skin. These tones look striking with silver, bold colors or gold. Red looks excellent with darker skin tones and dark black hair.
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