Pairing Facial Geometry with Sunglasses

Apr 30, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


When choosing sunglasses that pair well with facial geometry, it's best to choose the opposite of facial contours. This means that round faces look good with square frames and angular shapes pair best with softer, oval designs.

  • Square – This angular shape pairs well with slightly rounded shapes that offer gradient lenses. Instead of selecting light lenses, opt for dark tones that cover the entire eye area. Tortoiseshell patterns compliment most hairs' highlights, giving women instant Hollywood glamour. Rectangular faces look excellent with gray gradient lenses, which can often overwhelm more delicate, round features. To help soften acute facial geometry, opt for frames that have a sporty design and feature curvy edges. Boxy jawlines benefit from strong lines that help define the upper portion of the face, drawing attention away from the jaw. Old-style John Lennon granny sunglasses add balance to sharp, chiseled facial features. Semi-rimless aviators can also offset heavy angular jawlines.
  • Oval – While this facial shape accommodates all types of frames, circular styles should be avoided.  Trendy cat-eye styles look excellent, as they help slim jawlines and add more angular features to this symmetrical facial shape. Balanced oval shapes work well with soft, pale tone highlights.
  • Heart-Shape – Eyes should be equally centered in frames. Avoid styles that sit too low or don't have level temples or earpieces. Consider sprucing up sunglasses by purchasing soft, curved wraparounds. These oversized styles should have color tones that compliment complexions, adding warm or cool accents. Heart-shaped faces look superb with chunky aviator styles that feature wide bottoms, which helps balance narrow chins. Sunglasses that dip near the bridge help to create upper facial balance.
  • Round – This symmetrical shape should avoid curves and can easily hide eyebrows. Consider selecting rectangular style glasses that highlight bone structure, thin facial features and avoid bottom edges that rub underneath the eye area. If sunglasses slip, consider selecting pairs with adjustable nose pads for optimal comfort. The size of sunglasses should reflect the scale of one's face, drawing focus upwards. Oversized, broad cheeks are easily disguised with oversized, large shades. Another option for round faces are navigator styles, which are less curvy than traditional aviator designs. Full faces benefit from cat-eye designs that help slim and lift outer corners.

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