Other Ways to Protect yourself against the Harmful Rays of the Sun

Aug 01, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses with appropriate UV protection can help you protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. But it may be helpful if you took every precautionary measure against the effect those same rays can have on your body, which means that in addition to protecting your eyes from things like cataracts, pterygium, you should also be mindful of the sun's exposure to your skin. Here are additional measures of precaution you should remember when going out to spend long hours in the sun.

Brimmed hats: Hats with brims protect your face from the sun by giving you shade. Hats minimize the amount of direct sun the skin on your face absorbs.

Sunblock or protective clothing: Sunblock can offer UV protection if you are going to be outdoors in intense sun and are wearing summer clothing: shorts, tank tops, or swimwear that exposes broad areas of your skin. When possible or appropriate, consider protective clothing that covers your arms and legs.

Seasonal precautions: Although seasons change, the radiation that the sun emits does not, although that would seem to make sense. While the air around you might be colder in winter, because you are a little further away from the sun, UV radiation is still reaching the earth and so still poses a risk to your health.

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