How to Open a Discount Designer Wholesale Sunglasses Business

Apr 18, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Selling retail products can be a profitable venture. Sunglasses offer a substantial return margin, which makes them exceptionally appealing for seasonal and year-round retailers alike.

Olympic Eyewear specializes in carrying a huge selection of wholesale sunglasses, displays and wholesale sunglasses cases. With an attractive purchase-point, these glasses are affordable and can easily be resold for substantial profits.

With thousands of styles and designs to choose from, Olympic Eyewear offers four convenient purchase options:

  • One sunglasses item equals 12 pairs. These are sold in single color or assorted dozen options. Assorted dozens feature mixed colors of same-model styles. This is the most popular ordering method. A single color contains a dozen sunglasses that are all identical in color and style. Assorted model dozen options are great for sample ordering, allowing retailers to test specific styles' popularity with consumers. To easily identify the differences, Olympic Eyewear offers "MIX" model numbers, which represents mixed options and numeral digits for single color.
  • One sunglasses accessory equals 12 pairs.
  • One snow goggle equals 10 pairs.
  • One sunglasses display equals one display, as these are sold on a per piece basis.

Olympic Eyewear allows retailers to use their sunglasses' stock images and will replace all watermark branding with company names or logos. This makes it easy for retailers to advertise sunglasses online, further boosting their marketing endeavors and online presences. The benefit of using watermark features is that it helps to increase business' credibility, while simultaneously not revealing wholesale designer sunglasses sources.

The recommended retail price for these sunglasses varies between $10 and $15. With most dozens priced at less than $20, retailers stand to make substantial profits on sunglasses. Olympic Eyewear also offers considerable discounts for high-volume orders, which further increases projected profits.

Olympic Eyewear's sunglasses are legal to sell and distribute, as they do not violate any registered trademarks or infringe on copyright laws. They guarantee their sunglasses comply with both USA and European Standards for Eyewear. In fact, all sunglasses are CE passed, ISO9001 passed and EN1863:1997 passed.

Some of the sunglasses found on Olympic Eyewear are identical to those offered in designer boutiques. These high UV protection levels can retail for upwards of $200 to $400 each.

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