Olympic Eyewear's Volume Discounts

Apr 23, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of deeply discounted name brand-style sunglasses. First and foremost, they believe in the products they sell. With an inventory, that contains thousands of different sunglasses styles, goggles and a number of sunglasses related accessories, retailers will be able to choose from a vast assortment of fashionable trends.

Their designer wholesale sunglasses boast attractive, stylish designs, a sleek and comfortable fit, as well as attractive packaging. This makes it even easier for retailers to display and sell products to consumers. With brand names such as DG sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, Locs, Choppers, Biohazard, Air Force Sunglasses, Manhattan, Road Warrior, Sturgeon, VG Sunglasses, Virage, Biker, CG Sunglasses and U & Me Readers, retailers are ensured that the inventory they purchase will be easy for resale and will largely appeal to their customer base.

Additionally, the volume discounts that Olympic Eyewear offers retailers are substantial. Consider the basic math in this equation: Retailer purchases 12 pairs of bulk sunglasses for $30.00. At an investment of only $2.50 per pair, a retailer resells each pair for $30.00 EACH. That is a profit of $27.50 per pair. That means the retailer's initial $30 investment turned into a profit of $300.

Olympic Eyewear also offers a 5% discount on orders over $500, 10% off $1,000, 15% off $3,000 and 20% off $5,000. Therefore, the amount of potential profitable earnings for a retailer is virtually limitless. Sunglasses virtually sell themselves. Customers try on different pairs and select which one they prefer based on fashion, style, fit, comfort and the shape of their faces. Stores do not need to hire a sunglasses expert that specializes in fit, as these sunglasses are not custom made.

Sunglasses are available in assorted dozens, including single color dozens. Retailers that are Olympic Eyewear customers are also permitted to use the stock photography for marketing purposes, making it even easier for online retailers to reach a wide audience of potential sunglasses purchasers.

Olympic Eyewear also offers international shipping, meaning that retailers can easily supply their foreign locations with inexpensive, trendy sunglasses. Their professional experts can also work with retailers via telephone to place orders, especially if placing a large order online is daunting or intimidating for a smaller retailer.

They also offer the option to customize sunglasses with retailer logos. For example, if you were an outdoor ski retailer, perhaps having a logo that advertises your store on ski goggles would be a profitable advertising tool.

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