Olympic Eyewear's Top Rated Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses

Jan 19, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers designer wholesale sunglasses at excellent inexpensive prices. To help make it easy for retailers to select the right style and brand of inventories, they offer a bestseller section that is easy to browse.

To make it simple for retailers to determine the most popular wholesale sunglasses designs, the list below highlights the best rated sunglasses.

  • X-Loop Oval Wrap Around Plastic Sunglasses Wholesale Men – These stylish men's sunglasses come in a variety of colors and are ideal for active men that want to pursue physical outdoor sports or are simply looking for whole sale sunglasses that offer everyday comfort.
  • X-Loop Plastic Wrap Around Men's Stylish Sports Sunglasses Wholesale – These curve-hugging, ultra form-fitting sunglasses offer the ultimate in comfort for active sports seekers. Whether it is diving for a volleyball or climbing a cliff, these comfortable sunglasses are sure to see men through many present and future adventures.
  • X-Loop Oval Metal Frame Semi-Rimless Sunglasses Wholesale Men – Taking a turn from the wild side, these X-Loop sunglasses are slim, compact and perfect for a day out on the town. Looking classy with khakis, a sweater and a skinny tie or dark jeans and polo, these attractive sunglasses are bound to turn women's heads.
  • Kids' X-Loop Semi-Rimless Plastic Sunglasses Wholesale Smoke Lens – Children's eyes are just as important as adults are. This is why more retailers are catering to the younger market. These stylish children's sunglasses are designed to take a beating and still survive, which means they are ideal for soccer or baseball practice.
  • Polarized Lens Plastic Wayfarer Sunglasses Wholesale Men Women – This classic unisex style was made popular in the 1980s and has experienced a significant rebirth since the 2000s. Available in several colors, this classic style is bound to remain a solid wholesale sunglass selection well into 2015.
  • Khan Brand Plastic Metal Aviator Sunglasses Wholesale Men Women – Combining the popular aviator trend with animal print style, these sunglasses offer a stylish kick to the original "Top Gun" look.
  • Unisex Wayfarer Sunglasses Wholesale Soft Touch Frame Gradient Lens – These Wayfarer sunglasses feature a softer look than the original, thanks to the gradient lenses that offer a classic, upscale twist to Tom Cruise's "Risky Business."
  • Men's Khan Aviators Metal/Plastic Sunglasses Wholesale – These attractive men's sunglasses combine fashion-forward looks with classic style. Comfortable and designed to look good with most facial shapes, this tried and true style is bound to maintain its popularity.
  • Men's Semi-Rimless Polarized Lens Sports Sunglasses Wholesale – These semi-rimless designs are super lightweight, which makes them an excellent choice for sporting activities, including fishing and hiking.
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