Olympic Eyewear's Sunglasses Brands L-X

Oct 11, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear is a leader in offering bulk sunglasses brands. This online retail establishment makes it easy for retailers to purchase bulk quantities and sell sunglasses and accessories for substantial profits. Our previous post highlighted sunglasses brands A-K. This post highlights the remaining sunglass brands offered by Olympic Eyewear.

  • Locs – This popular rapper-style sunglasses have reached maximum popularity among the music industry, including hip hop and rap artists. This distinctive style looks hipster cool and features dark shades that offer a trendy 80s style design.
  • Manhattan – These trendy city-style sunglasses are perfect for everyday wear, offering the ultimate protection while walking or driving. In fact, these designs are also very fashionable, looking stylish with any type of modern outfits.
  • Nitrogen – Nitrogen sunglasses are designed to fit the contour and shape of men's faces. Available in form-fitting styles, these popular sunglasses are the perfect, upscale men's accessories.
  • Oxigen – This brand caters to both men and women, offering a wide variety of styles and materials. These popular designs range from Aviator styles to more hip and trendy wrap-around sporty designs. Versatile and a growing trendy style, these classic designs are sure to turn heads in retail establishments.
  • Polarspex – These men's sunglasses add a sharp contrast to all types of attire, albeit it jeans or suits. Available in aviator, oval, rectangle and shield styles, these polarized sunglasses brands are the ideal accessories for today's fashion-forward men.
  • Retro Rewind – These retro styles highlight yesteryear's favorite, iconic designs that are rapidly regaining popularity among celebrities and the general population. Whether it is aviator, oval, rectangle, round or Wayfarer styles, these women and men's designs reflect old-style curves that are fashionable and attractive.
  • Road Warrior – Fitting of its name, these sunglasses are designed to protect against unsightly glare and weather conditions when driving. Whether it is short or long distances, these bulk sunglasses brands are prepared to take on driving conditions coast-to-coast.
  • Romance – These women's sunglasses offer the latest, contemporary styles, which includes aviator, butterfly, cat eye, oval, rectangle, round, semi-rimless, shield, square and Wayfarer. These metal and plastic designs feature animal prints, oversized styles, rhinestone embellishments and vintage designs.
  • Sturgeon – These men's sunglasses feature metal and plastic frames and are designed to look stylish for bikers and everyday wear.
  • Tundra – These Tundra sunglasses are popular and offer a contemporary shape and style that appeals to men.
  • USA – These men's sunglasses offer a variety of styles and types and they even feature glass lenses, which are uncommon in most of today's styles.
  • VGVG Sunglasses are among one of the most common women's brands. They feature upscale designs, including the latest styles, such as butterfly, cat eye, oval and rectangle. These designs also offer rhinestone details and fun, attractive prints.
  • Virage – Virage offers sunglasses and ski goggles, which are perfect for deflecting bright sun glare on the slopes. These popular models are comfortable and offer breathability, which is important for outdoor activities.
  • X-LoopX-Loop sunglasses are one of the most popular, common men's sunglass brands on the market. Available in a wide variety of styles, the most common type includes shield or wrap-around styles.
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