Olympic Eyewear: Tips for Retailers Selling Sunglasses in Bulk

Nov 30, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


When competing with big box store chains, owners of sunglasses kiosks can often feel overwhelmed and daunted. To help boost small retailers profits, Olympic Eyewear offers excellent tips for selling sunglasses in bulk.

  • Providing Top Notch Customer Service – It is important that kiosks and small bulk sunglasses retailers provide the customer service that many big box stores are lacking. This helps set independent stores apart from the crowd and allows each customer to receive one-on-one treatment. This is the first step to maintaining a loyal customer base and following.
  • Quality Products – While big box stores do not specialize in one particular product, niche sunglass retailers do. This is why local shops need to focus on niche markets, such as the latest styles and wholesale sunglasses designs. Niche stores generally focus on carrying select brands of quality sunglasses and carry more styles and original products than box and mortar brands.
  • Product Knowledge – To impress customers is to know the details, specifications, styles and health benefits of each model of sunglasses. Employees that are regarded as experts and carry specific, affordable merchandise are sought out, which means people are willing to travel distances to visit storefronts.
  • Social Media – Not to be ignored, social media can help tweet information and create branding for specialized wholesale sunglasses stores. Social media allows people to post pictures of their latest sunglasses purchases, highlights customer service examples, allows retailers to send personal invitations to customers, launch new products or announce sales events. Social media gives independent wholesale sunglasses stores an edge over big box conglomerates.
  • Focus – By focusing on the task at hand, which involves building a loyal, solid customer base, retailers will eventually gain a devoted following. These followings do not happen overnight, so it is important for retailers to be patient, stock excellent merchandise, advertise, take advantage of social media avenues and continually review the specifications of products for advanced knowledge and expertise.
  • Increase Sales – The technique of helping increase sales involves upselling. This consists of providing superior customer service training and advanced product knowledge. Employers should make sure that staff are well trained and know the specifics about what items they are selling. Upselling is a process that involves explaining the benefits of something slightly more expensive, such as sunglasses that offer polarized lenses for outdoor activities. This also opens the door to selling additional sunglasses accessories or gift cards. It is important that staff not appear as though they are bothering clients, which is why upselling techniques should be subtle, yet effective.
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