Olympic Eyewear Offers Tips to Avoid Losing Sunglasses

Mar 29, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


How Not to Lose Sunglasses

A common complaint among sunglasses owners is that they frequently misplace or lose their sunglasses. To help overcome these trying times and protect eyes from damaging UV rays, the following highlights practical tips.

  • Home – Always have a specific area that is set aside for sunglasses. Whether it's placing them on a table in the home or always keeping them in the car, there should be a defined base area. This helps people always know where their sunglasses are located.
  • Routine – Sunglasses should be worn, not stored. Always have a plan when out in public. This helps prevent sunglasses from being lost or broken. Consider placing them on the top of the head, clipping them to a shirt, investing in a lanyard or placing them in purses or briefcases.
  • Setting Down – Never make a habit of setting sunglasses down in public areas. Avoid placing them on countertops or tables, especially in restaurants, as they can easily be overlooked with menus and bills when leaving.
  • Combine – Consider placing sunglasses near keys or purses, which helps prevent people from leaving the house without them. This also works well in restaurant areas, as people need their vehicles' keys to drive home.
  • High Risk – Avoid bringing sunglasses to high-risk areas. This may include businesses, restaurants or movie theaters. Consider leaving them in purses or in cars to avoid loss.
  • Affordability – Only carry sunglasses that can easily be replaced. This means avoiding extremely expensive, designer models. Sunglasses are easily broken, whether people accidentally sit on or drop them. More people are selecting economical sunglasses that can be replaced every season.

Statistics show that nearly 50-percent of people break or lose their sunglasses annually. This why retail sunglasses offer substantial profits for businesses. Additionally, most Americans want to stay on top of the latest design trends, which mean purchasing new styles in the spring and summer.

Olympic Eyewear specializes in selling high quality, name brand sunglasses at deeply discounted wholesale prices. For the last eight years, Olympic Eyewear has offered wholesale sunglasses by the dozen, which allows retailers to select brands and models that appeal to customers.

Their inventory is available in bulk discounts, but generally includes assorted by the dozen, single color by the dozen and assorted models by the dozen. They also offer monthly specials and best sellers selections, which makes it easy for retailers to mix and match different designers' styles. Their most popular brands include DG sunglasses and Wayfarer sunglasses.

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