Olympic Eyewear Offers Sunglasses Selling Tips

Mar 05, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


A Guide to Making Money Selling Sunglasses

Retailers understand the importance of bottom-line profits, which is why more companies are offering sunglasses and accessories. Sunglasses are a profitable niche market for businesses. To help retailers explore this valuable industry, the following offers helpful advice for incorporating sunglasses into current marketing plans.

  • Supplier – To help companies generate more revenues, it's important to find a reputable wholesale sunglasses provider, such as Olympic Eyewear. They offer a wide assortment of styles and brands, ranging from popular X-Loop sunglasses and Wayfarer sunglasses to DG sunglasses.
    • Pricing – It's important to allow for necessary markup expenses, which is why it's best to order sunglasses in bulk. Olympic Eyewear offers discounts by volume. They currently feature 5% off orders over $500, 10% off orders over $1,000, 15% off orders over $3,000 and 20% off orders over $5,000.
    • Quality – Choosing name brand sunglasses helps ensure quality products. This gives customers more confidence when purchasing sunglasses from retailers.
    • Variety – Order wide varieties of styles and designs to appeal to wider customer bases.
  • Selling – There are many venues for selling sunglasses. Whether it's adding displays to a drugstore or a retail establishment, sunglasses are also popular on websites, Amazon, eBay, mall kiosks or even on blogs. Consider spreading the word on social media sites that sunglasses are now being offered, which is a perfect introduction for spring sales.
  • Markets – It's important to determine if the sunglasses market is viable in specific areas. Certain markets are more competitive and advantageous than others. For example, the most profitable sunglasses market is Seattle. This is often surprising to retailers, as Seattle generally has overcast weather. In fact, overcast weather often leads to more people purchasing sunglasses, as they want heightened clarity, especially when driving.

Olympic Eyewear features the latest sunglasses brands, which appeal to mass marketing groups. Sunglasses rank as one of the most profitable categories for retailers, generally requiring little selling effort. They are easily displayed and Olympic Eyewear offers bulk styles that can sell themselves.

To help make the retail process easier, Olympic Eyewear offers several sunglasses' displays, including those designed for tabletops or freestanding models. This helps ensure that sunglasses are properly displayed in retail industries, helping gain maximum exposure and further fueling profitable sales.

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