Olympic Eyewear Offers Retail Sunglasses Selling Tips

Mar 17, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Selling Retail Sunglasses

To help small and large retailers build revenues, Olympic Eyewear highlights tips for selling sunglasses.

  • Supplier – It's necessary to select a wholesale sunglasses supplier. Olympic Eyewear is an online retailer that features wholesale sunglasses by the dozen. With special discounts for bulk orders, sunglasses are profitable accessories for retailers. If a dozen sunglasses cost $24, retailers can easily sell these higher end models for upwards of $20 each. This allows a generous profit margin of $18 per pair of sunglasses. For retailers exploring the sunglasses industry, it may be best to begin with a small order and explore what styles and designs are best sellers.
  • Documents – First-time retailers need to obtain required city, county and state resale permits or businesses licenses. Some states also require sales tax be collected at the time of purchase. To confirm what is and is not required for small businesses, consult the United States Small Business Administration for more information.
  • Location – It may take some trial and error, but eventually most retailers find a location that not only meets their needs, but also appeals to customers. Most sunglasses retailers start with a booth or kiosk, while others use sunglasses stands to advertise merchandise.
    • Booths – These work best at swap meets, flea markets, festivals, carnivals, local fairs, concerts, boat shows, sporting events and mall kiosks.
    • Rack – These types of displays work well in hair salons, tanning salons, boutiques, tattoo parlors, convenience stores, beach stores and specialty retailers.
  • Displays – Countertop displays can accommodate between 12 to 35 pairs of sunglasses. The benefit of these designs is that they can be folded up or placed conveniently on counters or tables. Retailers' benefit from floor displays that hold from 72 to 120 sunglasses. These revolving models generally take up one to two square feet.
  • Pricing – Once the aforementioned items have been accomplished, it's important to price sunglasses based on the area. Competitive prices help ensure that sunglasses retailers attract more business. Additionally, some vendors can work deals with local retailers to advertise sunglasses, while sharing or splitting the proceeds.

Olympic Eyewear offers a wide selection of bulk sunglasses. With popular name brands, such as DG sunglasses, X-Loop, Locs, Choppers, Biohazard, Air Force, Manhattan, Arctic Blue, Polarspex, Road Warrior, Nitrogen, Romance, Sturgeon, VG, Virage Eyewear, USA, CG, BeOne, Oxigen, Dxtreme, Khan and Kleo sunglasses. Their styles range from metal, plastic, rhinestone and buckle to rimless designs.

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