Olympic Eyewear Highlights Glamorous Whole Sale Sunglasses

Jan 01, 2016 Olympic Eyewear


The latest fashion trends are just around the corner. Fashionistas are set and ready to begin shopping. It is a perfect time for retailers that specialize in wholesale designer sunglasses to begin restocking their merchandise.

The latest wholesale sunglasses trends for 2016 include the following:

  • Patterns – Tortoiseshell prints have always been a classic. This year's patterns will also include a variety of new colors, such as camouflage green, gray and purple. Additional patterns will be edgier than traditional designer wholesale sunglasses, and include distressed or 60s mod designs.
  • Round Lenses – Boxy, rectangular styles are out, as traditional round lenses are making an appearance. Round styles include retro, wing-tip sweeps on the outer edges, as these bring a refreshing look to contemporary sunglasses. This feminine style is sure to dominate sunglasses this season.
  • Bright, Shiny Colors – Ombré colors that sweep around frames and capture facial features are extremely popular. Many of these styles include white at the bottom, transitioning to bright red at the top. Bright colors are back in this season, as black is taking a sideline for more untraditional bold colors. Opt for blue, purple or colors that pair well with eyes.
  • Larger Frames – Far from reminiscent of the oversize bulk sunglasses from the 80s and 90s, large sunglasses are in this season. They add a certain celebrity look to any style that is bound to turn heads. Flattering and mysterious, these sunglasses are absolute "must have" items for retailers in 2016.
  • Peak-a-boo Color – For people that are not quite ready to embrace bold colors, some sunglasses offer a subtle hint of color. This trend includes small ribbons of color that run through the temples. It provides just the right balance of color and comes in a wide variety of colors and metals.

Olympic Eyewear offers a huge selection of fashionable sunglasses for men, women and children. They make it easy to purchase sunglasses in bulk, offering easy-to-search options by brands, best sellers, on sale, new sunglasses, shapes and trends.

Popular brands include Air Force, Arctic Blue, Barricade, BeOne, Biohazard, Black Society, CG, Choppers, DG, Dxtreme. Eyedentification, Giselle, Khan, Kleo, Locs, Manhattan, Nitrogen, Oxigen, Pablo Z, Polarspex, Retro Rewind, Road Warrior, Romance, Sturgeon, Tundra, USA, VG, Virage, X-Loop and many more.

Styles include Aviator, Butterfly, Cat Eye, Goggles, Oval, Rectangle, Rimless, Round, Semi-Rimless, Shield, Square, Wayfarer, Wrap and more.

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