Olympic Eyewear Helps Retailers Explore Designer Sunglasses Wholesale

Nov 10, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear is rapidly becoming a leader in the designer sunglasses wholesale industry. Offering an expansive collection of eyewear, their goal is to offer a simple, effective strategy that helps retailers quickly turn around designer wholesale sunglasses, while simultaneously making profits.

Working with some of the top designer sunglasses wholesale distributors in the U.S., Olympic Eyewear offers the latest designer sunglasses styles at inexpensive, money saving prices. These prices are then increased to fair market value by retailers, which allow them to make substantial profits, which help boost bottom line revenues.

Olympic Eyewear has spent the last nearly nine years establishing itself as a reputable wholesale designer sunglasses leader. They work with several major top sunglass distributors, which allows retailers to easily sell a collection of different styles, colors and brands, helping increase mass marketing efforts.

Among the brands they carry, Olympic Eyewear features Air Force, Arctic Blue, Barricade, BeOne, Biohazard, CG, Choppers, Dxtreme, Giselle, Khan, Kleo, Locs, Manhattan, Nitrogen, Oxigen, Polarspex, Retro Rewind, Road Warrior, Romance, Sturgeon, Tundra, VG sunglasses, Virage and X-Loop sunglasses.

While true designer sunglasses can cost several hundred dollars, in today's declining economy, those are not priority purchases for customers. However, the look and feel of having designer sunglasses does appeal to mass customer bases. Olympic Eyewear is different because their designer-style sunglasses are made using attractive designing and packaging, offer a comfortable fit and are a long-lasting product. This makes it easy for retailers to sell Olympic Eyewear's designer sunglass line.

Over the last several years, Olympic Eyewear's offerings have increased to more than 1,000 different sunglass styles, ranging from Aviator, Butterfly, Cat Eye, Goggles, Oval, Rectangle, Rimless Round, Semi-Rimless, Shield, Square, Wayfarer and Wrap. Designer for women, men and children, these comfortable, fashionable designer sunglasses are sure to make an impact on customers, helping retailers increase accessory sales. Every item viewable on Olympic Eyewear's website is currently available for purchase and as models become discontinued by manufacturers, they steadily increase their new product lines, styles and colors.

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