Olympic Eyewear Exposes Sunglasses Myths

Mar 21, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses Myths that Hurt

Despite common myths, too much sun exposure can cause harmful eye damage. Whether it's participating in snow sports or simply going for lengthy walks, too much sun exposure can lead to harmful medical conditions.

  • Whites of Eyes – Sun damage can lead to conjuctiva, which affects the thin membrane that surrounds and covers the whites of eyes. This can become thickened, inflamed and irritated and can even grow over the cornea, interfering with vision.
  • Iris – Blue eyes are generally more susceptible to UV eye damage, which also includes macular degeneration.
  • Retina – A portion of the retina, if the macula begins to deteriorate, this can lead to permanent blindness. Medical researchers suggest there is a direct link between UV exposure and macular degeneration.
  • Lens – UV light can also cause cataracts to develop. Cataracts are a visible cloudiness in the eye's lens that interferes with vision.
  • Cornea – The cornea can become acutely sunburned, which can cause temporary blindness and extreme pain. Chronic sunburns can cause cataracts, especially when they combine with low antioxidant levels and poor diets. Additionally, some medications, such as diuretics, birth control pills, tetracycline, tranquilizers and sulfa drugs, may increase eyes' sensitivities.

When purchasing sunglasses, there are several features to consider

  • UV Rays – Look for sunglasses that offer UV absorption, instead of simply stating they "absorb UV rays." Look for labels that clearly state UV 400 or 99-100% UV absorption.
  • Polarized – Contrary to popular belief, polarized lenses don't add sun protection, but simply reduce glare.
  • Dark Lenses – These don't necessarily offer more sun protection, as UV protectants are clear.
  • Pressed – Pressed plastic lenses can cause vision distortion, which is why it's best to select sunglasses that feature optically ground lenses.
  • Frames – Wraparound styles, larger frames and close fitting designs help shield more UV rays.

It's important that people not over shield their eyes from the sun, as lack of sun exposure can result in stress, headaches, fatigue, eyestrain and even malillumination. The body's internal clock relies on a regulated circadian rhythm, which recognizes light and dark cycles.

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