Olympic Eyewear Discusses the Importance of Wearing Sunglasses while Driving

Oct 16, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Impaired visibility while driving can cause accidents. This can be caused by extreme brightness and distracting reflections. If people drive with their windows down, another element that causes impaired visibility are dust and dry winds.

While driving, mirrored and polarized lenses offer the ultimate protection against bright light. The right bulk sunglasses model can also help offer protection against strong winds and dust. Adding a wind barrier for eyes can also reduce the rate of evaporation of moisture, helping keep eyes comfortable and healthy, which is especially important for people that wear contacts.

Doctors weigh in on why driving with sunglasses is necessary and helpful.

  • Why should people wear sunglasses while driving? Glasses protect against glare and prevent distractions that can interfere with sight. On a bright, sunshiny day, the amount of light that reaches the retina causes constant squinty, which can contribute to causing headaches and nausea. Sunglasses help reduce the need for squinting and limit the amount of light that reaches the eyes.
  • What should people consider when purchasing wholesale sunglasses? The top priority when purchasing sunglasses is to look for models that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. Polarized sunglasses also help reduce glare from reflective surface, including roads, glass or polished metal.
  • What lens colors are best for driving? Tints can help light pass through. The best lens tints for wholesale designer sunglasses are neutral gray, amber, green or brown. Gray helps reduce brightness, while not distorting color. Blue glasses are not recommended for driving, but yellow tints help sharpen images, but do cause color distortions. Brown lenses reduce glare, but absorb more blue frequencies of light, which may make things appear hazy.
  • Are anti-glare sunglasses recommended? These types are better because they help protect the eyes from sunlight reflecting off surfaces. This includes cars that have shiny metallic finishes, mirrors, etc. Anti-glare sunglasses are also excellent for driving at night.
  • Does it make a difference if sunglass lenses are plastic or glass? No, but plastic lenses are significantly lighter and more comfortable, making them more stable than traditional glass lenses.
  • What happens if someone wears the wrong type of sunglasses for a long period of time? This can result in serious long-term damage, including degeneration of the macula, retinal damage or even cataracts.

In summary, Aviator sunglasses are generally less suitable for driving. Oversize frames with brown lenses can reduce glare, but are generally not the best choice available. Motorists should select wholesale sun glasses that are big and broad on the sides to help prevent glare. Yellow tints help make surroundings appear bright.

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