Olympic Eyewear Celebrates the Season of Giving Bulk Sunglasses

Dec 20, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


This season as people clean their closets and go through their belongings, there is no better time to set aside clothes, accessories and household goods for charitable contributions. Additionally, whether people wear glasses, bulk sunglasses or reading glasses, several organizations will accept these valuable, thoughtful donations.

If part of people's New Year's resolution is losing weight, purchasing a new wardrobe, changing their stylish appearances and procuring new accessories, this often includes new eyeglasses, wholesale designer sunglasses or reading glasses. Instead of these valuable items sitting in a drawer or being thrown away, it is best to give them to people in need.

Recycling eyeglasses and wholesale sunglasses can give the gift of sight and clarity to those in need. Many charities accept plastic eyeglasses, reading glasses and metal eyeglasses that are in good condition, albeit it prescription glasses or sunglasses. Additionally, it is also important to keep in mind that charities will also accept hearing aids, watches and other giftware items.

Many of these charities donate used sunglasses and glasses to people in need around the world. Some charities have specialists that fix broken eyeglasses, helping to ensure that recipients are receiving the best quality sunglasses or eyeglasses possible.

Popular clubs, such as community Lions Clubs, readily accept eyeglass donations at optometry offices, vision optical stores, at designated drop off locations and much more.

In fact, sunglasses are extremely important donation gifts, as they provide people that are less fortunate with access to sunglasses that help prevent blindness and eye diseases. In fact, in many third world countries, eye diseases are often causes by intense winds, sunlight, dust, high altitudes or tropical climates.

These volunteer programs help improve the lives of individuals, helping to improve vision worldwide and slowly preventing blindness. Help Project 20/20 is a vital help to neighborhood communities, just as the Lions Club has been supporting worldwide awareness for contributing to making global changes, both with sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women.

For people that don't have glasses or sunglasses donations, they can donate money, which helps provide professional eye exams, glasses, expert eye care, eye pathologies, humanitarian aid, medical treatments and much more in underdeveloped areas around the world.

For people that have had Lasik Surgery and are considering donating their sunglasses, the following charities are grateful for any donations: Lions Club International, Madre, MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation, New Eyes for the Needy, OneSight, and Unite for Sight to name a few.

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