Olympic Eyewear: Capturing the Latest Sunglasses Trends

Mar 13, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear features the latest monthly sunglasses trends and specials. With a professional team that specializes in staying up-to-date with modern styles and functionality, they thoroughly understand the retail wholesale designer sunglasses market.

With an easy to navigate website, Olympic Eyewear focuses on new monthly arrivals, ensuring retailers know what is popular as soon as it hits the market. This takes the guesswork out of ordering. Retailers can simply shop with Olympic Eyewear, guaranteeing they are ordering the latest, most buzzed about products. Making marketing simpler and easier, they also provide stock photos for retailers re-selling products online. This makes for irresistible turnkey profit.

Gearing up for the end of snow sport season and welcoming the warmer weather of spring, their February sunglasses arrivals are available just in time for retailers to display alongside their new spring lines.

The ever-popular men and women's polarized X-Loop sunglasses are perfect for all around outdoor activities. These comfortable glasses gently wrap around the ears, ensuring a snug fit for people with an active lifestyle. With more than 100 X-Loop styles in stock, this high-end designer eye candy is sure to draw both male and female consumers.

With spring and summer just around the corner, retailers should consider stocking motorcycle goggles. These chopper-style sunglasses not only make a bold biker statement, but also are comfortable and functional. The month of February highlights two new Chopper sunglass styles: the CH6203 and CH6204.

With the popular look of vintage sunglasses being an ever-growing trend in today's high fashion world, DG Eyewear speaks to this sophisticated crowd. For women seeking the classic elegance of large sunglasses that bring back the bygone era of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis, they need look no further. These spunky glasses are unique, yet breathe a special sophistication reminiscent of old-world Hollywood into today's modern styles.

Offering two new DG Eyewear sunglass displays for businesses, there is no better way for retailers to take these designer glasses to the next display level. Attracting attention and drawing consumers into stores, Olympic Eyewear offers these upscale sunglasses at a price that businesses cannot refuse. Bottom line: Cha-ching! What business does not want profit while providing customers with high-quality products? These fashionable display stands draw attention to DG's designs and products, focusing specifically on female clientele.

With UV protection becoming more important and ophthalmologists recommending patients wear advanced UV protection from the elements, February is the ideal time for companies to begin ordering and stocking sunglasses. Give consumers something to look forward to – a new pair of sunglasses just in time for spring!

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