Offering more than Protection: Social Uses for Sunglasses

Jun 29, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Although eye doctors tout the importance of protecting the eyes from the sun's UV rays, sunglasses have assumed uses that have little to do with our bright star.

Many people wear sunglasses as a fashion statement. With the help of Hollywoodand its big-screen personas who began wearing modern sunglasses since the 1900s, many people began donning sunglasses because it was simply "cool" to do so or considered trendy. Fashion trends over the years have given sunglasses the status as a great fashion accessory and designers are always coming up with new designs. VG sunglasses, for example, offer a great variety in sunglass wear. They abound in many shapes, are available in diverse colors and patterns; there are many models with rhinestones or classical styles like Aviators and vintage models.

As an accessory, much like jewelry or shoes, that can be changed according to mood, color coordination, style of clothing and type of event, sunglasses in general are quite adaptable. When you order your bulk sunglasses in a particular design, you can select sets of assorted colors or single colors to suit your retail needs and your convenience.

In addition to fashion, sunglasses can also be worn to hide one's eyes. For people who possess some form of visual impairment or eye damage, wearing sunglasses can be an inherently stylish way to hide those signs from others. For many people with visual impairments such as blindness, sunglasses help to solve several issues at once. They can deflect attention from the wearer's impairment in a way that is more visually appealing and fashionable. Blind musical geniuses such as Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles wore sunglasses in a way that have become a trademark part of their style. For some people with visual impairments, sunglasses may be a way for them to protect their eyes against extreme light sensitivity.

Sunglasses are also used to hide the inherent emotion or communication that the eyes reveal. Attendees to a funeral may wear sunglasses to hide their tears. Serious players of professional poker may wear dark sunglasses to prevent their opponents from "reading" their eyes and thus discovering movements of the eyes that may reveal thoughts about the game.

Fun, attractive, functional, and protective, sunglasses are some of the most versatile accessories on the planet. Olympic Eyewear offers a great collection of high-quality sunglasses at wholesale prices.

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