Must-Read Sunglasses Shopping Tips

Dec 10, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, which makes people want to show off their bargain finds to friends and family.

To help simplify shopping for sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear offers helpful tips to ensure a great fit every time!

  • Face Shape – It's best to select frames that contrast facial shapes. It's also recommended to make sure that a frame's size is in portion to one's face. Highlighted below are several facial shapes:
    • Diamond – Consider pairing with sunglasses that are rimless, oval or have distinct brow lines.
    • Triangle – Cat-eye sunglasses and colorful frames pair well with this facial shape.
    • Square – Round, oval, soft edge styles, cat-eye and thin, delicate frames look spectacular with square facial shapes.
    • Oblong – Select frames that are as wide or even slightly wider than the widest part of the face.
    • Inverted Triangle – Opt for light colors and materials that are rimless.
    • Oval – This is the most versatile facial shape, but looks especially sharp with wrap-around or square styles.
    • Round – Thick, rectangular or square frames look stunning.
  • Hair Color and Skin Tone – Coloring is an important part in selecting sunglasses. The frame's color should compliment the skin's tone. There are two types of skin tones:
    • Cool – Cool tones typically have blue or pink undertones. Cool hair tones include blonde, white, blue-black and light brown. People with cool tones should consider selecting sunglasses that are rosy brown, black, magenta, plum, darker tortoise or magenta.
    • Warm – Warm skin tones are characterized with a yellow undertone. Warm hair colors are flat black, golden blonde, red and brown-gold. Warm skin tones look good in khaki, camel, gold, peach, bright red, off-white or copper.
  • Features – People can also choose sunglasses that help accentuate a specific facial feature. For example, people with petite facial features look especially good wearing oversized sunglasses, as it exaggerates their tiny appearances. For people that want to draw attention to their angular facial shapes, selecting pairs of angular sunglasses will help achieve this look.

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