Motorcyclists and Eye Protection

Aug 09, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


One of the coolest things about motorcyclists is their style. Biker jackets, gloves, boots and even helmets and goggles coupled with the ride of that beautiful engine – there's something so enviable about it all. But while motorcyclists get to revel in biker's glory, they have serious decisions to make – decisions that are sometimes about life and death. The truth is that one of the most important factors of safety on the road for bikers is exactly the gear they choose to wear, and a small part of this whole outfit are motorcycle goggles.

Not all bikers need or like to wear goggles – especially those who wear full-faced helmets that already give their eyes all the protection they need – but goggles provide a measure of safety and optimal rider performance that can't really be ignored.

Goggles are like regular sunglasses except they are especially made for bikers' needs – this means they do all the typical things sunglasses do like protect your eyes from harmful sunrays, and add a great stylish accessory to your outfit. Additionally, biker goggles protect bikers' eyes from the glare that rises off from the roads, and the glint that is reflected off of other vehicles. This is especially important since bikers do not get the automatic window and windshield protection afforded regular car drivers.

And then there's that wind slapping against your face and body at biting speeds. For this you need something sturdier than typical glasses. Goggles are made with a sturdier more heavy-duty build for this purpose, and some of them additionally come with strap-ons or elastic/stretch bands, just to help you keep the thing on your face.

Biker goggles also need to have lenses that are shatter-resistant that can protect the wearer from road debris that zips up from underneath the crunch of tires against pavement or from the environment – sand, gravel, insects, twigs – not things you want in your eye while you are in mid-ride on a motorbike. Most of Olympic Eyewear's sunglasses collections have lenses made from polycarbonate, the ultimate in shatter-resistant plastic technology.

Olympic Eyewear motorcycle goggles, which come in styles by designers such as Virage and Choppers Sunglasses, come  lined with perforated foam which keeps air circulating through the pockets of spaces behind the lens and outside, and helps to prevent lens from fogging – which is a no-no while you've got two hands gripping the handles of a beast on the road. It also helps seal the goggles onto your face, further preventing anything from flying in between the spaces and into your eyes.

Visibility is also important for a serious motorcyclist and affects riding performance. Motorcyclists need to choose lenses that are properly tinted for the time of day that they ride. Clear lenses in bright sun, or dark tints at night for example are not the best ideas. Choppers Sunglasses offers a series of models that have tints ranging from brown and yellow to grey that assist a rider with clarity and appropriate contrast.

Many motorcyclists like to have several goggles in their possession, which can be exchanged depending on style, mood, or time of day. It may also be useful to have backups to use in the case of an accident. Olympic Eyewear offers great deals on bulk sunglasses, with a diverse range of styles that you can select in single or assorted colors.

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